Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chalk paint and bird feathers?

If you have read earlier posts you will know that I am in the process of changing the colour of my kitchen and dining room. I have decided to go white,  with a touch of light blue, and robins egg blue. I am repainting a table and chairs that I bought at an auction last month. It's a work in progress. will post as soon as the chairs and table are finished, its alot of work

This table top will be stripped and stained and the bottom will be repainted white, there are layers and layers of paint on this table top ggggrrrrrrrrrr

I have also been working on a birdcage that I bought at the Salvation Army and painted white. I showed it in previous posts. I have removed the large vintage mirror, I really liked how the mirror looked and have it on my bookcase mantel.

The birdcage has been empty for a few weeks now and yesterday I decided it was time to buy a bird.

Here is the birdcage all finished and Maggie exploring the yard

I had considered canaries and doves but they are too expensive, so I decided to go with budgies. At the store there were about 30 budgies in a large room. These two were sitting on a perch kissing each other, I watched them for a bit and they seemed to always stay together. So I decided that they should stay together and I brought them home.
poor hubby, he was leery about a bird to begin with and then I come home with two lol

Here are my pretty little birds looking at the camera
They were a little freaked out after the move but they are slowly getting used to their new home
Did you notice their beautiful colours, white and baby blue and robins egg blue. Not only are they beautiful and very loving little birds, they match the new colours of the room lol

This pretty little girl is the female, and I have named her Annie

Isn't she a pretty little thing

And this is the male, who likes to look in the mirror, I have named him Sloan

Sloan loves to pose and he seems to follow my voice when I talk to him

And here is the pretty couple, in case you have not put it together yet. there names are Annie and Sloan lol
When we were trying to pic names for the birds I was looking around the room for some ideas. My husband had come up with names suitable for a couple of hard core bikers lol, but not sweet little birds. As I thought about their colours and how the room will look when everything is painted. I looked over at the top of the fridge and that's when it came too me

Annie for the girls name and Sloan for the boy
It's funny, their names suit them

Maybe Annie Sloan can use them in her advertising for her pure white and robins egg blue, I think they both have a bit of french linen, old ochre, coco, louis blue and provenance in their feathers too.
They are named after her after all lol

Maggie is still not too sure about having birds in the house but she is getting used to them. I have them in the dining room by the balcony door and today they were chirping back and forth with the birds outside this morning
I am hoping that they like their new home and they are happy here.

hope everyone is having a good week



  1. Oh I can't wait to see the table and chairs finished Tobey -
    And Annie and Sloan - how cute is that?????

  2. Thanks Suz, hubby thought it was corny but after looking at them and all the colours of feathers on them, the name seemed appropriate. They are such pretty birds. I have company for the next two weeks so the table is going to have to wait. But will post pics as soon as it is done. Hope all is well with you. hugs Tobey

  3. Redoing furniture is so much work, but don't you just love the sense of accomplishment you feel at the end? I can't wait to see your finished product. I get the feeling it's going to be spectacular! :)