Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life is slowly getting back to normal

I won't go into details, lets just say life was not good for a few weeks but things are slowly getting back to normal. I did some house cleaning and sold quite a bit of stuff in preparation to move back to Ontario. I got pissed off at my hubby and some other family members and I almost headed back to Ontario this month. I posted a whole bunch of ads on kijiji and I sold a whole shit load of stuff. When hubby saw the house emptying out I think he realized I was serious. Lets just say we have worked things out and I will be staying in BC until we both move back. Our move back will certainly be a lot easier now lol

I met some amazing people the last couple of weeks as I downsized my house. I have to tell you about three ladies that came to my house and left with a truck load. They were so funny, after they filled the truck they did a video of their trip here. With one of them rocking in a rocking chair in the back of the truck they sang the Beverly hillbillies theme song lol.

They responded to one of my ads on kijiji and ended up leaving with a truck load. They were so much fun and so funny, I know we will cross paths again, we seem to have the same taste in furniture. I even sold them projects I hadn't even started, now I need more stuff to work on.

Here they are loading up their truck, they were happy with their purchases and although I sold some future projects, I did good, so I was happy too

I sold this buffet to a lady that has been looking for one like this for months. She was so happy to have found it. I was sad to see it go and hope I won't regret selling it.

This desk went to a new home too, and the young girl that bought this loved it just the way it is

I sold these chairs too, I even surprised myself that I sold these. But I painted them and admired them for a while, and when someone else admired them I let them go

This little baby went right to the upholster for a makeover, the ladies in the first pic bought this, it was the rocker in the Beverly hillbillies video. If I can get a copy of the video I will post it lol

I want to thank my family and friends for being there for me these last two weeks and for letting me vent.
I am French, Canadian Indian and Irish, and when I get mad, its not pretty
Ad to that the fact that I am redhead and it is quite the mixture
Hubby has not seen that side of me in a hell of a long time and I think he hopes he never sees it again lol
Now I am going to put that energy into some long over due projects
Hope everyone else's life has had no turmoil this month


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