Saturday, July 21, 2012

Flea Market Sunday

I just finished loading my truck inside and out and am already for the flea market tomorrow. They are calling for rain and thunderstorms late in the day and I hope its after the flea market is finished.

The inside of the truck is full of lamps and mirrors and knick knacks, and the back is full of furniture
We have company coming to visit next month and I am trying to clear out the basement and make room in the garage for some painting.

I don't know how some people can set up at a flea market every weekend, this is a lot of work. I am tired and sweaty lol, I guess if your just selling little knick knacks it might not be that bad, but when your hauling furniture its a lot of work.I hope I am not bringing any of it back. SELL SELL SELL

I have been so busy getting the house ready for company and organizing everything i have not painted anything this week. I think I did find the fabric for my chairs, you remember the garage full of chairs lol. I hope to finish painting those chairs this week and then recover the cushions.

Do you see that cute purse on the right with the little owls, I think that would be so cute on my chairs. What do you think, hubby isn't sold on it yet, but I love it, I collect owls,and it has lots of colour to pick up on and its fun. I think it is perfect
these adorable shoulder bags are made by my talented friend Bobby Jo of Sew Tied Up, find her on facebook

She is one talented lady, her and her Mom make so many beautiful items from recycled material.
They just started this business a few months ago and they are doing fantastic and I think these ladies are going to be even busier than they are now. please check out their stock and you will see what I mean

I have seen other people painting mason jars with ASCP and I thought I would give it a try. I love the look you get when you lightly sand off the lettering. I plan on doing some more once I get a few more colours to work with. Still have to coat these two with clear wax
They are painted with duck egg blue

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I missed out on the yard sales this weekend, and I missed it believe me. But my poor house will only hold so much
Hope to sell everything in the truck, than next week look for some more lol
you know how it is

Happy painting and picking my friends


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