Saturday, July 7, 2012

Anne Sloans Duck Egg Blue Paint and the yard sale chairs

My first attempt at dry brushing and using two colours of Anne Sloan paint together

I have been painting for about a week with Anne Sloan old white paint. I am painting 4 chairs for my kitchen and I am still hunting for the fabric I want for the seats. After painting the 4 chairs and the hall stand from a previous post I was getting a little tired of looking at white.

Painted with Anne Sloan old white

3 of my chairs are all painted and one just needs one more coat, but I ran out of paint. For those lucky people that have a store near them that sells Anne Sloan products I envy you. If you run out of paint you just go to the store and get some more. When I run out I have to order it from a store 4 hours away and wait for it to be delivered by Greyhound.( sucks big time)

This is what the chairs looked like before I painted them. I bought them at salvation army really really cheap. They did not have the fourth chair so I had to look for another chair.

I found this chair and loved the curvy front legs, I reused the material from the seat on a step stool, and painted the chair. It is not the same style of the other chairs but once the fabric is the same on all of the seats they will look more alike

Step stool with the chair fabric
(see the makeover of this stool in May's post)

 I have been dying to use a few of the other colours that I bought. So I moved onto another project while I wait for more paint and fabric for the chairs.
I have seen quite a few blogs done with two colours of Anne Sloan paint. And I have also seen alot of pictures of furniture done by dry brushing. I have never tried either of these method and was curious to try it.

I knew when I bought these chairs at a yard sale that I would want to paint them but still have the black and pink that was already on them still come through.
Dry brushing seemed to be a way to achieve that look.

The chair on the left has been dry brushed with Anne Sloan paris grey and the one on the right has been dry brushed with paris grey and duck egg blue.
I still need to sand and distress both of them and then finish off with clear wax.
I am loving the way they look and will have to try this technique on other pieces.

Today was 34 degrees and way too hot to work in the garage, so Maggie had the right idea lets go sit in the shade by the river. So I grabbed my two chairs, sandpaper and some clear wax and I  joined Maggie.

Here they are all sanded and waxed

I love how these chairs turned out

They are so cute

For now I think this is the perfect spot for them. They aren't a big chair, I don't think I would let a 200 lb man sit on them lol. But they are perfect for the grandchildren to sit on, and this is the perfect spot. When I am not using the hoosier for baking, the grand kids can sit here and colour or paint.

I think I now have my kitchen colour, blue. I found this little tea set the other day at a thrift store and loved the blue. The dining room is going to be mostly white but I think the blue mixed with white and a little bit of wood looks good
Now that I have a colour I think it will be easier to pick material for my white chairs

Nicole of Ms Green Designs just recovered a chair is this fabric and I think it might be pefect for the chairs.

Isn't this material the cutest

Now that I am done I think Maggie and I are going to rest here a while in the shade and enjoy the day.

And the gorgeous view
I am going to miss this view when we move back to Ontario

hope everyone is keeping cool, don't forget to drink lots of water
have a great weekend


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  1. Everything looks wonderful ;-) I've recently made my own chalk paint... it turned out really good and it was super easy to make. I've got the recipe on my blog if your interested.
    big hugs~

  2. Thank you so much Cheryl, I have made my own chalk paint in the past and it did work out good. But I was really interested in trying some of Anne Sloans paint too. And I am also eager to try the new colours that Miss Mustard Seed has come out with in milk paint. I will go check out your blog right now. thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you will keep visiting. hugs Tobey

  3. I had a chair that's like the 2 you refinished sitting on my front porch and my fiance tried to stand on it to fix the light and it shattered. I don't know what got into me but I set it on the curb instead of gluing it back together because I thought I'd never get around to doing it. I can't tell you how many times I have regretted not trying to fix that chair. You got a wonderful bargain here. enJOYed your blog.

  4. Thank you so much Joy, I already warned my hubby not to sit on them. He thought I was saying he was too fat for the chair lol silly man. But his nick name is Bear and he is stocky and he would definetly break the chair. I hope you can find another chair like this to replace the one you threw out. I saw them from across the street at a neighbourhood yard sale and almost knocked over a few people to get to them lol And when I got them so cheap I did a little dance all the way back to the car carrying the chairs .
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I am always flattered to have visitors and thrilled to receive comments, thanks again Tobey
    I am visiting your blog right now