Monday, July 16, 2012

Bird Cage

This post is about a bird cage that I bought recently. I have been thinking about getting a bird but really had not done anything about it. I love feeding and watching the wild birds in my yard, so I knew I would enjoy a bird of my own. I had birds before when the kids were at home but was always too busy to enjoy them. I saw this bird cage at a local thrift store and it was pretty cheap. I did walk away from it a few times, but decided that I had to bring it home.

Birdcage from salvation army

Bottom stand of birdcage
(don't look at my messy sun room)
When my husband got home and saw the bird cage he gave me that weird look again. Yes I get that look alot lol. He looked at the bird cage and said is this another decoration or is there actually going to be a bird in this one. lol (I have to back track to last year, so you will understand why he said that) Last year I came home with a vintage bird cage and I hung it up in our bedroom. It is off white and wooden and looks so cute in our all white bedroom.

I want to share the conversation with my husband after he came home from work and walked into the bedroom.

Hubby : are we getting a bird?
Tobey: No, we are not getting a bird
Hubby: than why do we have a bird cage
Tobey: It's a decoration, I have seen them online and i wanted one
Hubby: But what does it do?
Tobey: It doesn't do anything it just looks pretty
Hubby: I think its weird having a bird cage with no bird in it
Tobey: Its not weird it's vintage and I like it
Hubby: But it doesn't do anything, don't you think its weird to have a bird cage with no bird in it
Tobey leaves the room comes back with cast iron statue of a bird, opens bird cage door puts in, looks at hubby and says now there's a bird in it

That was the end of that conversation. lol

This is the bird cage with my cute little fake bird

Ok, now back to the birdcage which is going to house a real bird, not sure what kind of bird yet.

Yes it got a good cleaning, but that's not all its going to get

If you have been following my blog you won't be surprised at the colour that I have painted the birdcage. I sprayed it with Kilz primer and then gave it two coats of Krylon spray paint.
But I am not done yet, future birdie needs more stuff for his or her little palace.
How do you tell the sex of a bird anyways?
Maybe I'll get two birds one of each, love birds?
just like me and hubby lol
(laughing really hard right now )

If I don't get a bird I seriously think my hubby will have me committed

Will post the completed bird cage as soon as I ad some more stuff and the bird of course
Hope everyone had a great weekend

I was very bad, I fell off the I won't buy anymore stuff wagon
Went to an auction today and came home with two car loads
the deals were just to good to turn down
Table and chairs for $5.00 was one deal, yes i said 5 bucks
wait till you see it, sweet deal

will post pics soon
Hope you all found some great deals this weekend too



  1. Sounds like a familiar conversation Tobey, lol!!!!
    Great post

  2. Thanks Suzan, Thats why I laugh so hard at your posts, those conversations happen all the time here. Like I said if Brian had his way our whole house would be Harley Davidson and skull flags for curtains.