Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Antique and Vintage Treasures

It's Thrifty Thursday
I want to welcome all of my new followers, I am so flattered that you have chosen to follow my blog.
I am so glad you are here and would love to hear your input. And please share any other blogs or ideas you find in your travels that you think might interest me.

 I wanted to make this weeks Thrifty Thursday kind of a recap of treasures that I have found since we moved to Kamloops. My hubby's company is working here at the mine on a contract. Originally we were only going to be here for six months and this is our second summer here lol
 We left all of our furniture in storage and came out here with the basics in a uhaul trailer.

Well we are going to need a transport truck to go home

I have found so many amazing deals here that I could not pass up.
And I plan on bringing all of these babies back to Ontario, my poor hubby
I keep asking him if he regrets not leaving me in Ontario
But the poor boy lies and says that he is glad I came with him
He must really love me

If I could only bring one piece of furniture back it would have to be this one. I love my hoosier,
I found this online and bought it from a lady going into a seniors home and her kids did not want it. i know I know, are they nuts
It's a 110 years old and in mint shape
She was asking half of what it is really worth and did I tell you I love it
I have my enamel pots and pans on top and all of my baking supplies inside
This is my favorite piece of furniture in the house
If there was a fire I would be hauling this sucker out of the house on my back

This would have to be my second favorite find
I found this adorable settee at my favorite thrift store, The Salvation Army
I am in there everyday people, and I am going to go through withdrawal from this store when I go home to Ontario
They get so many amazing things donated to that store, I have never seen anything like it
I am hoping to have this painted and reupholstered before we go back. I am hoping Nicole of
is going to help me with the reupholster part (too big of a job for me)

I found this gorgeous chest there too and have researched and dated this to be early 1930's.

I almost missed this, one of the girls that works at the store pointed it out to me
She is worried that one day my hubby is going to go in there looking for her lol

This cabinet I found online, it was an estate sale and I went there to buy some vintage colander's and saw this cabinet. It was a little out of my price range, but a few weeks later the lady emailed me and said it had not sold and she dropped it down to my price........I was thrilled, and I love love love it
(see dear I do say no to some things )

I spent many years stripping paint off of furniture to reveal the beautiful wood underneath. You know those old window panes with all the layers of paint, that everyone loves to buy. Well years ago I used to strip them and stain them and put mirrors in them. Had I known they would sell just the way they are I could have save myself a lot of work lol. Years from now there are going to be a lot of people cursing all of us that painted this furniture if the wood look comes back in.
Although I love the look of painted furniture there are some pieces I just can not paint. Perhaps one day I will change my mind and paint these pieces who knows. But for now I am going to leave them the way they are and enjoy their beauty.

Now these pieces I plan on painting

This cute hope chest is definitely going to get a paint job, Miss Mustard Seed has a new colour of milk paint out called Lucketts green and I think I may try it on this piece
check it out on her blog

here is a peek , is the colour not gorgeous

please go to her blog to see all of the colours

I have used Homestead milk paints for years and I can't wait to see all of the colours that Miss Mustard Seed is going to sell. I like using Anne Sloan paints but milk paint is easy to work with too and works great for distressing. It is easy to clean up and not as expensive as Anne Sloan paints.

I found this desk and chair at an estate sale too, I love the wear and tear on them and I may paint them once we are back in Ontario. For now I love them the way they are

This could be used as a buffet, but I want it as a dresser, I think the cupboard would be great for jeans and stuff. I am struggling with the paint or no paint on this one. It is tiger oak and the grain is gorgeous but if i put in the bedroom I will want it white.
Hubby says I am nuts to want to paint this one, do you agree?

And this dresser I want to make into a bathroom vanity in our new home. You know the one we don't have yet because we have no idea when we are going back to Ontario. Yep that new house.
It will get a paint job once I know the colour scheme of the bathroom, you the know the bathroom in the house that we haven't found yet
yep that house.
 I have alot of plans for that house and apparently I have enough furniture to fill it.
Well according to hubby I have enough,
that is until he hears those famous words
Honey you won't believe the deal I found today

We may need 2 transport trucks lol

And what have you found this week?


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