Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Auction Goodies and Chair Hoarding

Before I show you my thrifty finds and the goodies I picked up at the auction. I wanted to show you a few things I have added to my little bird cage. No birds yet, I have been looking just don't know what kind of bird I want yet. I have looked at love birds and doves (hubby said doves are too noisy)
I have had cockatiels and budgies before, maybe canary's?

I added a little cafe curtain around the bottom of the bird cage, I picked it up at the thrift store for 99 cents

Birdies need mirrors right? I took out the typical little mirror, I had this frame so I cut the mirror and glued it on. I thought the bird cage needed a little vintage look

I am making birdie a little chandelier, will show you when I am done
yes I said chandelier, what bird doesn't love a chandelier

Auction Goodies

I was only going to support the girls that own the store, was not planning on buying anything lol
But you know the saying, you sit in the barber chair your gonna get a hair cut

I got this table and chairs for $5.00 dollars, when I saw how cheap things were going I had to start bidding

I plan on keeping this table, it will fit perfectly with my colour scheme and I love the details of this table, I would like to keep the bottom painted, will give it a fresh coat of white paint. I am hoping to stain the top once I see what the wood looks like


Two of the chairs match my other chairs that I have painted with Old White
Don't tell hubby but now that I have these I like the brighter white and have decided to repain them all with pure white
I bought a paint sprayer at the auction too for 5 bucks, I am hoping that once I get a compressor it will all work, sure would speed up the painting process
I plan on keeping these chairs and painting them and recovering the seats, all of these will be great at holidays when all the kids and grandkids come over

Aren't they cute, they definetly need new material, not sure if I want to paint these or not

Saw these two chairs at the auction and thought they were interesting looking, the metal wheels are just on the front, which I thought was weird, but I love the twisty wood

I have officially become a chair hoarder

I had no plans on bidding on this one but when it was going to go for $10.00 dollars I had to bid
It is called a nursing chair, but I think it would make a great vanity chair
I think I can sell this without a makeover

A few months ago I cleared out the garage and now we are full again
Promised hubby I would set up at the flea market this weekend and try to make some room in the garage
Not that he ever goes in there, he knows I will put him to work

Do you see the NO EXIT sign well I think I need a NO ROOM sign too.
But that's the life of a picker, you fill up, you clear out and you fill up again
I have about 30 ads online right now and with that and the flea market this weekend that should clear out quite a bit of stuff
That is till the next auction

Will be nice to have more room in the garage to get some painting done next week
hope you all have had a good week
what kind of bargains have you found this week?



  1. Wow - I can never never find deals like that!!!
    And we sold a huge house 2 years ago - before I started doing this - and downsized - I would have held on to the other place had I known - so now
    believe it or not I work in the living room, isn't that ridiculous?
    Have to find a studio - but I live in the heart of the city, soooo expensive to rent even a 2 by 4.
    I'm more jealous of your garage than anything else, lol
    Great finds Tobey :)

  2. Love your table and those chairs are fantastic!! I had to laugh at your chair hoarder comment, I don't know why but I can't stop buying chairs myself!!! lol