Tuesday, April 23, 2013

These are my church clothes

My friend Suzan over at Simply Vintageous sent me a message about her link up today. I  have been under the weather this last week with a stupid chest cold that won't go away. But I did finish my buffet and here are the completed pics. And although I hate having my picture taken, I am going to participate in the link that Suzan has today, because I will do anything for a friend. And if I don't she won't let me get away with it lol


this is my outfit when I paint
sometime I tie up my hair or I wear a hat to keep it out of my eyes
I usually steal one of hubby's old shirts and wear some stretchy black capris
And most times I am covered in paint
No it ain't pretty but that's the look lol
Good thing my neighbours aren't close by
Years ago when I was in sales I had so many beautiful outfits
You would never know it to look at what I wear now
but I used to have high heels with matching purses and lots of suits and dresses
I have not worn heals in years, probably couldn't walk in them for the life of me
I am home in my blue jeans
And if I am working on projects I wear whatever I can ruin with paint
I may not look pretty but I am comfortable and in my happy place
OK now for something that is pretty
this is the buffet I picked up at Salvation Army, its in good shape
except on pane of glass is missing from the cupboards
when I first started painting this piece I was going to do two shades of colour
I have never used Annie Sloan's cream and I wanted to give it a try
I only had a small test pot
So I was going to paint the whole thing white and do the drawers cream
I started painting the drawers and fell in love with the cream
So mixing two test pots of cream and one quart of white, this is the colour I came up with
I love it
I did not like the wooden handles that came with the buffet and knew I was going to change them
It took some searching but I found a set at the restore
an hour of searching through bins and I was able to find enough to do this piece
While browsing home depot I found these handles and priced them
$5.97 a piece x 12 pieces
would have cost me a fortune, that is why I love the restore cost me less than $10.00 for all of them
I wanted to put chicken wire in the doors where the glass was and experimented with two before I chose the right one
I painted the chicken wire with an antique bronze so it would match the handles
And here she is all finished and looking stunning
She sold within an hour of being posted on my face book
and is now in her new home
I think she looks fabulous and will be entertaining for many years to come
I am hoping I can shake this cold and get back to painting
Only I could get sick just when the nice weather gets here
hope everyone is having an great week
please check out the Tongue and Cheek Tuesday
to see all of your fellow bloggers in their painting clothes
and please show us yours
And my lil sidekick Maggie who is loving this nice weather


  1. You are an awesome sport and I want a t-shirt like that! Be careful..you never know what Suzan will get you in to!! Thanks so much for linking up with us and your buffet is gorgeous and I pinned it for some inspiration when I do mine!

    1. Thanks Danni, she is about the only one I would do this for lol Thanks so much for the comments on the buffet I had never tried cream but I think I will have to paint more with it. hugs Tobey

  2. I love the cabinet, and it's great Maggie is guarding it for you. Bet I could out run her though if I tried to steal it.

    Thanks for being a good sport and linking up so Suzan won't threaten you.


    1. Maggie is faster than she looks, but me you can probably out run lol

  3. LOL now you're officially off the " hook " dahlink!
    Thanks so much Tobey - and love that buffet - just gorgeous!

    1. You are about the only person I would do this for I hope you know that. I loved your pics and your conversation with John was hilarious. hugs Tobey

  4. It's a fab look darlig!. The dresser is beautiful as well!

  5. Good for you, helping out your friend and the buffet is a winner! Nicely done!

  6. Beautiful buffet and I love Maggie. Smart to paint the wire to match the handles!
    I'm afraid of what these nuts have in store for us next! ;)

  7. For some reason, Tina keeps calling us "nuts!" Thanks for playing with us, and that piece looks fabulous! I keep threatening my husband with a chicken wire project, but so far I haven't found the right piece.

    1. Thank you, I had to enlist hubbies help with the chicken wire and he had his doubts too. After it was in he liked it and he told me not to paint it. But I never listen lol After he did agree it did look better painted to match the handles. I wanted the chicken wire with the large circles but it did not suit this piece. thanks for commenting.

  8. I can so relate to the high heels thing. I put mine away years ago too. You did an amazing job on that buffet!!

    1. Thanks Tuula, Isn't it funny how things change, I worked in sales for years and had to dress up everyday. I worked long hours and always envied people that could work out of their homes doing what they love. And now I am in my happy place, no more heels and dresses for me. I can pick my own hours and work as hard as I want too. I love it and would never go back to doing anything else.

  9. That buffet is so unusual. I've never seen one like it. I think you look lovely in your husbands t-shirts. Funny, too often when I have regular clothes on, I am certain that I can do just a little bit of painting and stay clean. Of course that is when I drop a brush in my lap or something. If I was just smart enough to change my clothes...

    1. Thanks Karen, The buffet style was quite common in the 50's, I see them around once in a while. I have ruined a few outfits putting on finishing touches and vowing not to get paint on myself. I am not the neatest painter and always get paint everywhere so I should know better. Thanks so much for the comments. hugs Tobey

  10. Hope you feel better soon Tobey! Beautiful piece of furniture! (and that party is just too freaking funny for words!!!)


    1. thanks Anne, the cold is slowly going away, just have to get rid of this cough. They are a very fun group of girls, I hope we can all meet up in person one day, should be a hoot.

  11. Hi Toby!!

    I kid you not...I had this exact cabinet!!!!

    It was painted a whitey/beige and I looked around in my of the woods in the Tri-Cities for chicken wire and couldn't find any that I wanted in the doors. When we moved, hubby took it to value village without me knowing. Not in a mean way, but, in a misunderstanding way of what we were giving VV's. I loved mine!!

    Beautiful job!!!! And Suzan is a hoot!!!!! Go party and have a blast!!


    1. Hi Pam, I actually found some chicken wire wrapped around a tree on the property, I removed it straightened it and washed it, but it did not suit the cabinet. I found the chicken wire that I used at a local hardware store. It was my first time replacing windows with chicken wire and I really like it, I think I will have to do it again.
      Thanks for the comments, hugs Tobey