Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I am taking a day off

Even though I do not have a job outside of the house I feel like I am always on the go. I am either running errands or shopping for projects or working in the garage on furniture. There is always something that needs to be done, groceries, laundry, housework etc.

I get up with hubby at 4:30 am and make him breakfast and his lunch and see him off to work. A friend asked me why I do that every morning, and I said its because he works and I don't. She said what do you mean you don't work, most days you work harder than he does. I guess that is true because he even says that when I tell him about my day. But I know he works long hours and he does not have the luxury to just say OK today I am doing nothing.


Like I did today .

Today I got up and it was cold and rainy so I couldn't work outside or in the garage. So I thought ok what should I do. There are a million things I could have done, start packing and organizing for our move. Go shop for future projects or buy supplies. Or I could do some housework or laundry. None of those ideas appealed to me today.

So I thought what the hell I am taking a day off. I put on my comfy clothes and put on a movie. Yes I watched a chick flick, you have to watch "This is 40" I loved it. And I ate a bowl of ice cream and laid on the couch and did nothing. Maggie dumped all of her toys out all over the living room and played and we both had a day off.

After the movie, the rain had stopped so Maggie and I went for a walk and listened to the birds chirp and we fed the ducks and we sat by the river
it was so peaceful and so relaxing I could have stayed there all day
And then we came back to the house and I wrote this post.
Maggie is sleeping at my feet and you know what that is a great idea
When was the last time I had a nap in the middle of the day
After all it is my day off and I can spend it anyway I want
When was the last time you took a day off and rested
I mean really rested, did nothing all day
Maybe its time
OK I am going to go have a nap now
like this tired little guy
I know I deserved it and so do you
and my  lil side kick Maggie


  1. I do this every so often myself, Tobey. Having stopped working a full-time job when we moved from NY to Ohio {1 1/2 years ago}, I find my days seem busier and fuller being home. I think recharging by taking a day off to do nothing is good for us.

  2. I had to laugh out loud at Maggie's toys - it's exactly what Soda does!
    It's been crazy for me the last couple of weeks - and I mean crazy - I've painted 4 or 5 dressers ( can't keep track ) and did Aprils dining room set - 4 chairs - a table - 2 leafs - a sideboard - a china cabinet - and the legs on 2 other chairs...............
    Can I come lay on the couch with you? LOL
    But if the truth be known - I find it relaxing to paint so that's where my downtime comes in - multi tasking - painting AND relaxing lol

  3. You have been busy my friend, I find painting relaxing too, when I am out in the garage I am in my own little world. But sometimes I just need to do nothing. Today I feel well rested and ready to take on the world. hugs Tobey

  4. Gosh a day off, you had managed something that we usually only dream off. I have a full time job outside the home and I get to come home and do what I am passionate about...creating which happens to be using ASCP on furniture. I dream of the day I can do my passion full time.
    My bf says I work 7 days a week but I don't look at doing my passion as work. Tonight for the first time in a long time I decided I was not going to do anything (well after a drove my son to a from guitar) this shocked my son (17 years old) he said, no deliveries? no one coming to pick up? no painting? I think he was shocked!
    I'll be back at it tomorrow after work and have a few more pieces to put on Kijiji soon...

    1. You sound like a busy lady, I think you need a day off. I find my painting very therapeutic as well. When I am out in the garage painting I am in my own little world. Some days I find it physically exhausting, but then when I finish a project I forgot about all of that. I have cut back a bit on buying and am working on clearing out. We are hoping to move in a few months and I have lots of projects to complete before then. Glad you took a night off, you don't want to burn yourself out. Happy Painting Teresa, hugs Tobey