Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Buffets and Bulldogs

It looks like I took more than just a day off, has it really been a week since my last post?
 Bad bad Tobey.
I have been busy, doing some spring cleaning and trying to work on things in the garage.

Do you find that you buy new pieces and start working on them when you have other stuff
waiting in the garage.
 Sometimes you leave pieces sitting for so long it is hard to get started
on them.
I am going to refrain from buying new pieces and try to work in what I have.
 Its going to be
 hard but I really have enough to keep me busy for while.

I am going to work on the big pieces first and making some room in the garage.

I chose this piece to work on this week, isn't it cute
one pane of glass is missing so I am going to do something different for the doors
This little silverware drawer had the green felt glued to it
It was a pain to remove, but I got it all off
I painted this piece a nice light cream colour
I am working on the doors and hunting down some new hardware
As you can see the knobs were wood and I think this piece needs
hardware that really stands out
Will post pics when it is all done, going to check out the restore today
and see if I can find some hardware
I need some help with another piece I picked up
I bought this because it is interesting, but am unsure what to do with it
here is the piece, when you look at it what do you see ?
I think it must have been used for sewing supplies
I am thinking that is what the metal rods were for , thread?
I see either a large jewelry box or a night stand
But I need some help, any suggestions
I think it needs some feet and something on the top
What would you do to it?
Hope everyone is having a good week
And that spring has finally come to you
Happy Picking Happy Painting
And my little sidekick is sneaking into a pic
This is another piece that needs my attention
yes Maggie you want my attention too
off for a walk with Maggie
bye for now


  1. This is an antique sewing chest. The metal things that the spools go on could be left and used for rings. You could cover them in something spongy so the rings don't move...just a thought! :)
    Depending on the height of the chest you could add some legs on the bottom to give it a little more height.

  2. I figured it was for sewing and that metal things would be for spools. do you think I should keep it as a sewing chest, or take the metal out add legs and make it into a large jewelry box or a nightstand. Is their a need for one of these for people that sew. I don't sew so I would not know.
    thanks for the input Teresa
    hugs Tobey

  3. I think a large jewellery box would look awesome, add legs to it! I have my grandmothers sewing chest and it is more a decoration in my sewing chambers. mmmm Maybe I should look at changing it also into a jewellery chest.
    I can't wait to see what you do with it because no matter what it will look fabulous!

  4. What great pieces you have Tobey!!!
    And I LOVE your new header photo - fantastic!

    1. Thanks Suz, I am trying to shop in my own garage lol and work on pieces I already have. I actually walked through Salvation army today and did not buy a thing. I think even the people working there were shocked lol. I thought the blog needed a new look, thank you for noticing. hugs Tobey

  5. Not that I would need a jewelry box that big, I am blue jeans and t-shirt girl, only jewelry I wear is my engagement ring. But I know there are a lot of girls out there that have a lot of bling. Going to have to start looking for some cute little legs. Still think the top needs something, not sure what though.
    hugs Tobey