Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time to get back to work

I have to admit to all of you over the past few weeks I have been pretty down. This is our third Christmas away from family and I miss them terribly. My daughter turned 30 on December 29th and I felt so bad that I was not there to celebrate with her. Sure we talk on the phone and chat online and send pics back and forth but its not enough. I found myself moping around the house this last week watching way too much TV. So today I stopped my pity party and got back to work. We will be back in Ontario hopefully before summer and I am looking forward to spending lots of time with my kids and grandkids. Me walking around all sad and depressed is not going to fix anything. But I am sure if any of you have been in my place you can relate to how I have been feeling.

So today I got off my butt and got to work on some projects I started before Christmas and one new one.

Found this little desk or vanity at a local thrift store and I knew it would look great with a makeover
And this vanity has been at the back of the garage for way too long
So I decided it was time to give it a new look too
I am always picking up cute little stools because they look so great upcycled
I love that this one has a back on it
Here is the desk with one coat of Anne Sloan Paris Grey
after some minor repairs
And here is the vanity with one coat of Paris Grey
It has been really cold this last week and my garage is unheated
I bought a little heater and it helps but it is still bloody cold in there
But as you can see the garage is full and I need to catch up on some stuff
I laughed when I saw that the No Exit sign showed up in the pic
Because it is so full in here, there is almost no entrance either
Can you see the little heater that I have aimed at my stool
I had the desk on one side and the vanity on the other
and tried to work as close to the heater as I could
The things we do lol
Here are the two benches painted in Paris Grey
I painted these in the house on top of my washer and dryer
I needed to warm up
I am trying to use material that I already have
Covered one of the stools seats in this fabric, which will work great for the desk
I thought the vanity deserved something a little fancier and who doesn't love toile
I hope to finish both of them over the weekend and will post pics of them completed as soon as they are done
It felt good to work on my stuff again
It really does give me purpose
I hope everyone is well and enjoying your weekend
Thanks for being here with me
You have no idea how much my blog and my followers mean to me
Happy Picking and Painting
who is loving the snow

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  1. That is one gorgeous vanity Tobey - wow - I love it
    and I really really love the number fabric - so different!
    Can't wait to see these puppies finished :)