Monday, January 21, 2013

What you don't see and how its done

If you have a blog or you refinish furniture you know that there is a lot of work that is done before you show your finished projects online.

But if you are just starting out and you want to learn how to refinish furniture here are some tips.

Most of the furniture I buy is fairly clean, but sometimes I get pieces that are dirty. Some are also damaged, stained or full of spider webs, or full of stickers. So a lot of cleaning and prepping is done before hand.

This is instructions for furniture that you are going to paint

1. First remove all hardware and put it in a baggie or container and label it (nothing worse than losing your hardware or not remembering what went with what piece)
2. I wash everything with TSP and let it dry
3. Next patch any holes or gouges with wood filler
4. Let this dry overnight before sanding (sometimes more than one application is needed)
5. Use an electric sander for big jobs or sandpaper for smaller jobs
6. Clean off all the dust with tack cloth or cloth
7. If your using Anne Sloan paint you do not need to prime (regular paint prime your piece with one coat of primer, some sanding may be required)
8. Paint your first coat and let it dry, 2 coats might be required, let dry
9. Anne Sloan paint requires wax to seal it, use this very lightly , let dry
10. if distressing do this after the wax is dry
11. If your not distressing buff the wax with a cloth till you have a nice shine
12. Anne Sloan paint can be used to update hardware too
13. Put your hardware back on or install new hardware

And there you go, it is not as hard as it sounds, and you will have an amazing piece that you did yourself.

And here is what I am working on in the house this week
If we get nice weather I have 4 more projects ongoing in the garage he he
I swear every room in my house has an ongoing project in it

I love the design of this table and the gorgeous legs
Kristy of 4 the love of wood has me hooked on these curvy legs
And everywhere I go I look for little feet to add too furniture
Here it is with its first coat of paint
I plan on using dark wax in the grooves and clear wax to seal it
the table is painted with Anne Sloan Pure White
It needs some kind of graphic for the top doesn't
It looks like something is missing
Any ideas?
This table had lace modge podged on top
It looked pretty but was a pain to keep clean
It was a real pain to remove who ever modge podged did one hell of a job
and I had to sand it a few times with the an electric sander
to get the top smooth
I love the design on the legs on this table as well
I can't wait to get at this cute little smoke stand
I am eager try some new colours of Anne Sloan
but I am keeping this so I want to paint it to go with other stuff in my home
And as you know I have really been favouring white lately
But I might try something different for this
I bought some Anne Sloan Versailles and I am eager to try it
will post when it is done
I found this mirror for sale online and I fell in love
I plan on painting this white because I will be keeping it for my home
The same lady had two wall hangings that are very similar to the mirror
so I bought those as well
Don't you just love it when you go to buy something and score other good deals too
I love it
I wasn't sure what to do with them until a friend suggested
hanging them over a doorway
I think that is an excellent idea
I am going to paint them and will be hanging them over a doorway or window in our new home

Here is one of the wall hangings not painted yet
Aren't they gorgeous
And here is one painted with two coats of Anne Sloan Pure White
I am going to use dark wax on this as well to bring out the details
What would you use these for, do you like my idea or do you have another, let me know.
I have a few little projects on the go this week and am hoping hubby will help me with some carpentry work I need done.
There is some stuff I can't do
I know shocking isn't it lol
I got him to come with me to Home Depot and pick up what I need and he did carry it to the garage
but thats as far as it got
Its a little hard to get my hubby motivated to help me
I know other bloggers have cute names for their hubbys like
Mr. Handy or Mr Fix It
But I am afraid my hubbys nick name would have to be
Mr. Runawayfromwork
Mr. I will do it tomorrow
Mr. Couch Potatoe
I think you get the idea
I dream of the day that we can work side by side in the garage
without killing each other of course
Hope everyone had a great weekend
Happy picking Happy Painting


And my little side kick Maggie
Maggie is entered in a contest for the Kamloops SPCA on facebook
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Maggie says thank you  

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  1. I really wish we lived closer, I love some of the well all of the pieces you posted today. Of course you know that Maggie has my vote and I am logging on now to vote for her. Good luck