Friday, January 25, 2013

Hubby is handy after all, who knew?

Hubby has been off this week and I have put him to work helping me with a few projects. I don't feel comfortable using powers saws, especially since seeing my brother in law almost cut his thumb off two summers ago. So I leave that job to my hubby who is more skilled with the cutting saws.

I have been working on clearing out the garage of projects that have been sitting waiting for me to get to them. Part of the reason they were sitting in there was because I needed hubby to help me. The shocker this week is that he worked in the garage with me for two days. And we are both still alive and talking to each other, it was actually very pleasant working together, go figure.

And we accomplished almost everything I wanted to do. With very little nagging.

I had bought these nightstands and before I painted them I needed some repairs. They were originally part of a desk so there was some wood pieces missing.

Where the two sides attached to the desk was missing a piece so hubby cut a piece to fill in that part
And see that little white dot, well there was a small square hole there
So we filled it with a small piece of wood that I will fill and sand
and you will never know it was there after it is painted
I love the waterfall look
 now that the holes are all patched up I can paint them and give them a new look
Might try something different with these babies
Will post them as soon as they are done

I picked up two night stands last summer and have been searching for little feet to add to the bottom
Trust me it is not as easy as it sounds, took me months to find some
I ended up buying two step stools to get the curly feet and they were not easy to find either 
But I did find them and hubby has added the wood to the bottom of the nightstands
so I could secure the feet in place
Don't they look cute with the feet, now I know why Kristy from 4 the love wood does this
Now all they need is some paint and new hardware
I will post when these cuties are all done
Can't wait to get started on these
I am sorry for teasing you with all of these not completed yet projects
But I do have one lil beauty for you to see
And she is all done and ready for her new home
 I found this hope chest at a local thrift store
It was tucked away in the back and no one wanted it because it was a little lop sided
Someone had cut off the back legs
Don't ask me why some people do what they do, but never the less it was done
and because it had no back feet I got a screaming deal
So with the help of hubby and of course Maggie who was supervising the job
We now have front and back legs on the hope chest
I have been painting so much with and white and grey lately
I decided to try something different
On my last trip to pick up paint I bought a few test pots of ASCP
This colour is called Primer Red
And one little test pot did two coats on this hope chest
you gotta love that
The cedar inside was in excellent shape just needed a good cleaning
The logo is from a company called Huppe from Victoriaville Quebec
I thought the red on the outside suited it because the cedar inside had a red tinge to it
I added some appliques and put new knobs on the front

And here she is all painted and waxed and ready for her new home
I am very happy with how it turned out
And I think I am loving this red, it was hard stepping out of my comfort zone
But it was fun to try a new colour
I think I am liking this experimenting with other Anne Sloan colours
now what colour should I try next
Versailles maybe
or Graphite
Hope everyone has a great weekend
Happy Picking and Happy Painting
And my lil sidekick Maggie
(who just woke up and does not want her picture taken)
can you tell


  1. So glad you didn't kill each other Tobey lol - you have some great pieces there - can't wait to see them finished!
    That trunk is almost identical to one I did for a little girls room ( in paris grey and white ) only mine had a cushion on the top !!!
    See you soon

    1. I was thinking of adding a cushion but going to see if it sells as is. It has actually been fun working with hubby and we have accomplished a lot the last few days. Now I have to get my butt moving and paint them. hugs Tobey

  2. Love it all especially the legs you added to the night stands. Maggie love your pictures

    1. I am liking the lil curly legs too, added some to another cabinet today. It is easy to post pics of Maggie, she is so photogenic and I love her lil face.
      She is my baby