Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby its cold outside

The weather here has been unbelievably cold, minus 12 the last couple of days. It has even been to cold to take Maggie for walks, which means Maggie is as bored as I am. So today even though it was still bitterly cold I had to work in the garage before I went stir crazy.

I have been working on a few things in the house but needed to do some sanding, which I can not do in the house. I can not wait for spring, or even some plus zero temps would be nice too. But in the meantime I will have to make do with what it is. COLD

I found this rocking chair at the thrift store and knew it would look so good made over
And I was right. I painted it with Anne Sloan pure white, my favorite colour
I have seen this fabric on a few other peoples projects and I fell in love with it
I think it looks amazing on this rocking chair
And this chair is so comfy, going to be hard to give it up
I know some people don't like the waterfall look, but I love them
And they look amazing made over
 I love how the waterfall dressers look painted
I thought this little stool that I had saved in the garage would look great with the water fall desk
Here is the stool painted with Anne Sloan Paris grey and with new foam and fabric
The fabric is black and white toile and I think it looks stunning on the stool
And here she is in all of her glory
I do have a mirror that would go with this to make it a vanity
But I am going to sell it as desk and see how it goes
The middle drawer opens as well so that makes it a 5 drawer desk
Now she just needs a loving home
Hope your having nicer weather then we are
and that you are not suffering in the cold
I swear the day I get a heated shop I am going to live in it
Happy Picking Happy Painting
And my sidekick Maggie hanging out with me in the garage and trying to keep warm


  1. Beautiful makeovers Tobey - you find the most amazing fabric!!!
    Poor Maggie - she looks miserable lol

  2. Thanks Suz, Thats Maggies happy face lol, she might be mad at me for making her lay on the blanket to warm up her paws, she just wanted to play in the snow and I was worried about her paws getting frost bite, I would put boots on her if she would wear them lol

  3. I love everything you just posted, it is cold here in Utah too. Time to heat up so we can dare to go outside. You and that beautiful Maggie try to stay warm.