Saturday, February 2, 2013

How I got rid of 10 lbs in one day

Everywhere you turn there are ads for gyms and weight loss programs, you can't get away from them.
So I figured okay time to get rid of some weight, and in one day I took off 10 lbs.
How did I do it you ask, well I figured I didn't need all the weight in the middle and I decided to get rid of it.
 So with the right tools I set to work on the problem areas.
I know you find this hard to believe so here is a pic to show you.
 All the extra weight in the middle is gone.

Once over weight and heavy and much larger with a huge middle , now all slimmed down and beautiful
Look at those curves
And what does one do after a major weight loss
You get a makeover, of course
A nice facial to bring back that healthy glow
And a little nip and tuck to repair where the middle weight was taken off
Now lets do something about that mousy brown colour
Oh Darling, that is a much better colour for you
You look amazing
And now that you have lost all that weight,
you should treat yourself to something black and pretty
But, not for all to see
You sexy devil

 Now that we have a new look, and a new colour,  I think we need to accessorize
Yes, I think that completes the look
Now look at you all slim and pretty, you look fabulous
I knew you could do it
Now its time to go out on the town and show yourself off
You will find this hot little number
Iron Orchid Designs
For Sale
makeover and weight loss
my sidekick
What do you mean I could take some weight off
I am not fat, I have a cute little butt
And I am not fat I am stocky
 Where I am partying
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  1. So pretty! And what a sweet surprise inside!

  2. Thank you so much, it was my first attempt at using two colours of Anne Sloan on one piece. It's a little bit more work but I like how it looks. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  3. Love the stencils on the drawer sides. I'm going to have to "borrow" that idea!

    1. Althea, thank you so much for stopping by. I saw the idea on pinterest, so "borrow" away lol. I think I am going to use that idea many times, it is so cute.
      Again thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. hugs Tobey