Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thrift store decor for Christmas

Most of you that read my blog know that Kamloops is not our permanent home. My husband came here to work with his company.  We were only supposed to be here 6 months, that was 2 years ago.
When we came here we left all our belongings in storage and only brought the basics. All of our Christmas decorations are in storage in Ontario. I did not want to have to go out and buy everything all over again. But I still wanted to decorate the house for the holidays.
So whats a girl to do on a limited budget with a house to decorate .........THRIFT STORE

I love Salvation Army, and believe me I am not lying when I say I will miss this store. I am in there everyday and I found amazing things there. I know all of the staff by name, and love love love that store. I have never seen a Salvation Army that gets so many antiques and gorgeous furniture then this store does .Our whole house has been furnished with items I have picked up at Salvation Army, a few more thrift stores and kijiji. And trust me you would never guess it when you look around the house.

 Ok back to Christmas decor...........

 I love these little wooden letters
I also found this white wrought iron candle holder that can be used anytime of the year
For Christmas I just changed the candles to red candles
And isn't this the cutest Santa you ever saw, he matches my colour scheme lol
And don't you just love this glass snowman and snow woman
And this little gourd looking snow couple
And I love these twine and twig looking Angels
I also picked up these stockings and metal wall hangings
And I knew this little candle holder would make a great Christmas center piece
With a little bit of chalk paint, some cedar clippings and a Christmas ornament with bells.
 this 50 cent thrift store find, now becomes a pretty centre piece
I also bought some small mason jars and decided to make some of the pretty candles I have been seeing online
I painted the jars with Anne Sloan pure white and distressed only the lettering
The candle is vanilla, and with a little bit of twine and a small Christmas ornament
I now have a beautiful Christmas candle
While painting the mason jar, I thought if this technique works so great on these jars what about bottles
First I painted this bottle and distressed the letters and the designs on the bottle
Then I painted this bottle , I love how this one turned out
Isn't it gorgeous
I tell you nothing is safe in this house since I discovered Anne Sloan Chalk paint
And I have many more decorations to use on the tree when we pick it up this week
Even all the strings on the outside of the house and garage are from the thrift store
They were brand new still in the box
I spent less than $40.00 dollars and decorated the inside and outside of our house
You have to love that
I can't believe all the years I spent hundreds of dollars on Christmas decorations
And thousands of dollars on furniture
I remember when I was a young girl being embarrassed if my Mom tried to make me wear hand me down clothes, or tried to get me to go into a thrift store
Times and opinions sure have changed
I don't think you will ever see me buy anything new again
I am a thrift store junky and I will keep searching for the bargains
and continue learning how to turn thrift store cast offs into unique one of a kind furniture and decor
I hope everyone had a great weekend
Are you finished your decorating, if not check out your local thrift stores for some unique items
would love to hear what decorations you have found while thrifting
Maggie May
I got Maggie's decorations at the thrift store too lol
Doesn't she look impressed

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  1. WOW Tobey - I'm so impressed - everything for under 40.00 inside and out? You're the Queen of Thrift honey!!!
    And I just love your mason jar candles - their gorgeous - what perfect gifts they would make!
    And poor Maggie May lol - I think she'd kick you if she could