Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Decorations with meaning

Last year we did not have a tree and we only put up a few decorations. This year I wanted a little bit more, even though we miss our families and our kids, I wanted to decorate the house.

If you read my previous posts you will know that I decorated the whole house and bought a few strings of lights for the outside all at a thrift store. Hubby didn't want a tree, I heard all the excuses, living room is too small. There will be pine needles everywhere, its just the two us do we really need a tree. And I thought I guess he is right, we really don't need a tree.
Then one night we were sitting around and I was on Pinterest, my favorite site. I saw a very cool DIY idea to decorate instead of a tree. So out to the garage I went in my jammies and hauled the wooden ladder in the house. My hubby who was watching a movie and laying on the couch, gave me a strange look. He said what the heck are you going to do with that. I said I am going to decorate it and use it as a substitute for a tree.
He looked at me like I had completely lost my mind, "your kidding right, you are not really going to decorate a ladder".
 Nope, not kidding.

I strung two sets of lights on the ladder and then I put some coloured lanterns on the steps. I had a metal star that was grey and I gave it a quick coat of ASCP pure white. I put a few glass ornaments on the steps as well and hung a few from the lights. I rigged the lights up so there is one inside each of the lanterns, so when the lights are on it looks like the lanterns are lit up.
Hubby kept shaking his head as I was decorating, and he kept muttering something about a sanity hearing lol . And Maggie growled and barked at it for most of the evening, but I love it.
It has lights, ornaments, a star, a tree skirt and a spot to put the presents. Everything a tree has

Here is a pic of it in the daytime.
(don't look at the ugly couch, I bought that when I thought we were only going to be here 6 months)
I love my ladder and it makes perfect sense to me, I upcycle and I am DIYer, so why not a ladder tree
Are you on board with it?
Or will you be testifying for hubby at my sanity hearing, that I really have lost my mind hehe
This is on the opposite side of the living room, you can see the ladder refection in the mirror
I found quite a few decorations that go quite nicely with my white colour scheme
Here is another pic of the tree, this was before I painted the star white
Most of you probably know that I follow a lot of blogs but I have a few favorites
One of my favorites is
Simply Vintagous
Suzan is hilarious and I love her funny stories about her and her hubby
And I love to see her creations, she is amazing
My buddy Suzan had a Christmas decoration that she had made and I knew I wanted to make one too
She had taken an empty frame and added ornaments to it
It was so pretty that I told her I was going to make one too

Here is Suzans, isn't it gorgeous
I have quite a few empty picture frames, but I decided to use an empty window frame instead
This picture frame only has two mirrors in it, the rest of the window panes are empty
I intend to replace the empty panes with mirrors
but for now I am using it like this for the ornaments
This weekend my mind was on nothing but the horrible tragedy that took so many lives in Newton Connecticut
I am still so very sad over the loss of so many young lives
With this in mind, this ornament is in remembrance of them
I have put 20 sparkly glass icicles for the fragile innocent lives that were lost
And I have put 6 silver ornaments for the teachers and staff that also perished
I know there were 2 other lives lost that day
but I am still too angry to feel any sympathy for those two lives
yes his mother was a victim too, but I blame her for having those kinds of weapons in the house
And I know he was not mentally stable, but I am not ready to feel sorry for him
You may not agree with me, but that is how I feel
This morning we woke up to 19 centimetres of snow
It was a pretty site though, so I took a few pics of the yard
This is a shot of our back yard and the river
it was snowing pretty heavy when I took this pic
Here is a pic of the neighbours yard
I had to shovel away a small area in the snow, too put feed down for my little ducks
Maggie made her own path in the snow
Maggie had a fun snow day
And it tired her right out
and on that note Maggie and I say goodnight
Happy picking, painting, decorating, and playing in the snow
and Maggie says good bye too zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Love your tree but am going nuts over your frame - absolutely fantastic Tobey!!!
    And those photos of outside look like a magazine
    I have 26 ornaments in a tray to honor the victims - great minds think alike - I'm only sharing that post on Thursday - because tomorrow is silent Tuesday for the victims.........
    Big hugs,

    1. Thanks Suz you were my inspiration for that one. And we do think alike don't we. hugs Tobey

  2. I love that you do what makes you happy, I think your place looks amazing. I am sorry you are without your family for Christmas, I hope next year you can all be together again.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and give Maggie a hug from me, I love that dog.

    1. Dido, Thank you so much for commenting, I really do love what I do. We hope to be with family next Christmas, we do miss them. I have tried to make this little house feel like home. And as for Maggie I will give her a hug, she is a very loving dog.She is so funny, and we adore her. very nice to hear from you. hugs Tobey