Thursday, December 6, 2012

Missing my family at Christmas

It is hard for me to get excited about Christmas this year. We had hoped to be back in Ontario by now and celebrating Christmas with our families. But that did not happen this year, Hubby's work is saying we should be home by spring.
So it is another year of shopping for kids and grand kids and shipping everything off. I am almost finished all of that just have a few more things to pick up.
I dug out some Christmas decorations and put some stuff up, but my heart really is not into it this year. I miss my family and my friends and holidays are getting harder and harder without them.

Sorry did not mean for this post to be so glum, but if you have ever been away from your family at Christmas I know you can relate.

I have been busy this week working on a small desk I picked up in the summer. I have been working away on stuff in the garage and trying to clear up old projects. It has been nice having this mild weather because I have been able work outside on stuff in a sweatshirt.

It is a cute little desk just a little outdated
I painted it with pure white chalk paint and I think it looks 100 % better already
But not done with it yet
I saw this material at Fabricland and thought it would look cute on the chair that goes with the desk
Isn't it a fun black and white fabric, I may have to use this on some more projects
Then I thought to have the chair pad and the desk look more like a set I would paint numbers on the drawers
I printed out the numbers and then traced them to tracing paper
I flipped the paper over scribbled on it with pencil making sure to get the whole number
Then I laid the transfer paper on the drawer and outlined the number
With the pencil shading on the back it transfers the image to the drawer
Then I carefully painted the number inside the outline with black craft paint
I sealed the desk with Anne Sloan Clear Wax and lightly distressed it
I think it turned out really cute
(would you have changed the knobs, I thought about this, but there really wasn't anything wrong with them, so I left them on )
It's a cute little desk and would look great in a boy or girls room, young or teenager
Here it is all finished and ready for it's new home
I am working on some homemade candles and some Christmas decorations for home
I should have them finished this week and will post my pics
 I have picked up a couple of cute little vanities this week and can't wait to get started on them

This poor baby has had a rough life, but I can save it and give it a new life
The laminate is peeling everywhere, it has really cool handles but most of them are broken. I am going to try to save a few of them for a future project.
The second vanity is in better shape, I would like to try something different with both of these instead of just painting them. Stay tuned to see their makeovers
We have had a couple of warm days so I have been able to work in the garage
I was moving things around in the garage, and had to move Maggies pool down from where it was hanging
Maggie sat in it and whined and whined
I know she wanted water in it, I tried to explain that its too cold but she would have none of that
I had to lure her in the house with a treat and hide the swimming pool
I tell ya its like having a toddler
Hope everyone is having a good week
Happy Picking, Painting, Shopping and Wrapping
and Maggie the reindeer

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  1. Sorry you're missing your family, but your desk turned out great!