Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thrifty Thursday already where did that week go

I have come in contact with something I am contagious to in my yard, so I have been homebound for a few days with a very irritating rash on my face and arms. I am going a bit stir crazy but have tried to keep busy. I hope everyone else has had a better week than I did. We have narrowed it down to one flower bed which I am staying away from, and hopefully this will clear up soon.

This is kind of a thrifty find as everything she is wearing I did pick up at thrift stores or flea markets

Meet Mable , protector of the garden and yard

Maggie was outside the whole time I was making Mabel but still growls at her when she comes outside lol


Isn't she the cutest thing you ever saw, her head is a gord with a burlap grain sack over it and her hair is glued on and so is her hat. I did not have straw so her body is a metal frame with wooden dowel running from her head down her back. She has plastic bags stuffed in her legs and arms and plastic table clothes in her body. I have her tied to the bike so hopefully we don't lose her in a strong wind. Her face is painted on and I sprayed polyurethane over it so her makeup won't run in the rain.

The bike Mabel is on was a vintage find, it is a Raleigh 3 speed and after researching the serial number on the bike I have determined that it was built in 1969. I bought it and the beautful bedframe in the garden from the same man for 50 dollars. I love them both, I had hoped to use the bedframe but it only fits a double bed and both of our beds are a king and queen. So for now it will grace the ends of my garden that has been planted but not growing yet, and Mabel will guard the garden and the flower beds and hopefully scare the bear away at night too.

I am still working on my magnetic chalkboards and wanted some letters to write messages to advertise them for sale at the flea market. I am searching for more scrabble letters if you have any you are not using I would love to have them. I have found a few but need more,here is a sample of what I am doing with them. I think this is a great use for them, I have even seen them made into necklaces and bracelets and earings. probably why I am having a hard time finding them.

I found some very cool sketches of BC the other day at Salvation Army, there are five of them in frames (which I may replace) they are dated 1975 and signed by the artist. I have emailed the artist to find out more about them but have not heard back yet. I think they will look great hung up in Brians future man cave and they will certainly be beautiful souveniers of our time in BC. I would never tell the artist what I paid for them because I paid under 6 dollars for all five which is an insult to how beautiful they are.

They are titled originals 1975 and the pictures are sketches of Lake Louise, Mount Rundle, Moraine Lake, Mt Eisenhower, and The Three Sisters. If I hear back from the artist I will let you know more about them.

Happy Picking have a great weekend, hope to be healed from this irritating rash soon and have some painting projects for you to see


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