Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flea Market was a huge success

Welcome to my Thrifty Finds Thursday

Last Sunday I set up my booth for the first time this year, weather was gorgeous and the flea market was very busy. I had a great day and the day was a big success, I brought back alot of empty containers and was very happy with my sales. Because the flea market has only been up and running for a few weeks, I put an ad on kijiji advertising a hoarder sale (an idea I borrowed from Mandi of Vintage Revivals) and listed the location of the flea market, I also posted a few pics of my stuff including my chalkboards. I told everyone to look for a beige pickup and a red head. You would not believe how many people came to my booth and said they saw my ad. A young couple getting married saw my chalkboards and loved them. They came to my booth and bought all of my white chalkboards and I have been commissioned to make one for their wedding menu. I was so happy they liked my chalkboards and that I can be part of their wedding plans. I am going to have them come over and see some of the other stuff I have that might go with their theme. They are a young couple with the cutest little girl, so I gave them a great price on the menu chalkboard and I will lend them what ever else they need to make their day special

I meant to take a pick of my full truck, but it was dark when I left the house, and then I was so busy I forgot to take a pic of my booth . I set up at the flea market at 6 am so I was pretty tired when I got home. It's alot of work getting everything ready, packing setting up and then taking everythinng down and them bringing what is left home.

here are a few things that I sold
These gorgeous antique chairs were in mint shape. The girl that bought these chairs loved them, they were a great buy. I knew I wouldn't be bringing them home.

These are the chalkboards that the bride and groom bought for the wedding and this is the mirror that they want made into a chalkboard for their wedding in August.

I am going to paint the framed corners white and sand them a bit and then chalkboard the mirror. I am so happy that this couple chose my chalkboards for the wedding. I am going to meet with the bride whose name is Amy, I think I may have a few things I can lend her for her wedding that will help go with their theme.

I am so anxious to clear out some more stuff this weekend at the flea market so I can get back to my painting projects. I am slowly making more room in the garage and as far as the basement is concerned, I can actually move around in it and I can see the floor in one room and the carpet in another, so thats good lol

And here are my thrifty finds for this week

Isn't this mirror gorgeous, I got it for a great price, I think the seller thought the colour and a bit of damage made it unsellable, but I saw how beautiful it can be and I was so excited to find it. I can't wait to get started on this mirror. This is one I want to keep so I am thinking I will paint it white and distress it a bit, there is a bit of gold in the purple paint that I am hoping will come through with some sanding.

I picked this cute little table up for a few dollars, yes the top is black, someone (I am thinking a teenager) just painted the top black and left the rest stained. And they did not do a good job painting it.  I am going to paint this and maybe distress it a bit. We will add this to the growing list of projects that need to be done.

Last week at the flea market I was so busy I did not get a chance to walk around and see what the other vendors had for sale. I kept seeing people walk by with stuff they had found, and I was like, damm I would have bought that. So this week I am hoping I can drag my hubby with me for a few hours so I can shop a bit woohoo

Happy Picking , Have a great week


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  1. Tobey! We love all your work, its all so amazing and our style! We love that you mentioned us in this blog. We really appreciate you helping us out, cannot wait to stop by and have a look at all your beautiful treasures!! :)