Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flea Market time is almost here

In my search for unique items for my home I come across some amazing deals, which I buy and resell. I tried a yard sale last year but it was a lot of work and not much success. Then I rented a table at the flea market and sold lots of stuff. So over the winter I have accumulated quite a few items to sell this year as soon as the flea market opens. I am hoping to sell a few of my chalkboards and mirrors as well.

The hutch and the deer antlers are not going to the flea market just don\t have room for them anywhere else

                                             More yard sale items stored in the basement

I have been busy with the yard and have the garden planted with a few rows of peas and carrots and a few rows of wild flowers. I will add more stuff in the next few weeks, and I planted a few plants i bought over the winter. I don't have a lot of flower beds so I do quite a few potted plants, most of them I brought into the house for the winter and they all survived. I do have one flower bed but I didn't plant it last year because I got poison ivy and I blamed it on something in that garden. My hubby cleared out the flower bed and i planted a few bulb plants and did not touch anything but the earth and guess what? Yep I got poison ivy again, have it on my face and arms, it is not poison ivy but the rash is very similar to it. I went to emerg and got pills and cream right away to battle it, the last time I had it I suffered with it for 5 weeks. I pray I do not get it that bad, those were 5 weeks of itchy rashy hell.

here is hubby helping me to get the garden ready for planting, he has a touque on so his cute little bald head won't sunburn lol
 It is half planted and I am trying to decide what to put into the rest of it tomatoes and who knows, maybe more flowers, I love fresh flowers in the house

The stand up ashtray full of bird seed is a big hit with the bird and as you can see the Geese too
I have named this couple Fred and Ethel, they are in my yard everyday and night, all seasons. When the ashtray is empty Fred will honk at me and tap his beak on the ashtray lol
The other day he was following me around the yard honking at me for more food and I guess Maggie didn't like it so she started towards him and I had to break up a Canada Geese Bulldog standoff

This our woodpecker who visits daily, he has red wings and is beautiful to look at when he flies over the yard

This cute little couple is also in our yard daily, they are so cute to watch they are always together and I have named them Rick and Lucy

And lets not forget the cutest backyard animal of them all our lil Maggie who likes to sunbathe on the deck , she is sitting in front of a pair of whicker rockers that I picked up for 20 dollars, they are faded from the sun and I plan on staining them to keep the natural look and protect them from further damage. I love them and they are very comfy.

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