Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Thrifty Thursday

I have been busy getting ready for my booth at the flea market on Sundays, sorting packing pricing and organizing. The flea market started a few weeks ago but the first few weeks are usually slow until the word gets out that the flea market is up and running. I toured around on Sunday and checked out some of the other vendors and checked out the crowds to make sure it was busy enough. This Sunday is supposed to be a warm one so it will be a great first day. I will post pics and let you know how I make out. And because I can not go to a flea market and not come home with something, my flea market finds from last Sunday will be my thrifty Thursday pics.

I bought two milk cans at the flea market, this one without the cap and the bronze one below with a cap.I love milk cans and love to use them in the yard. once all of my flowers are planted in the pots and containers these areas will look gorgeous.

I love the patina on this bronze milkcan

Check out these half barrels, I am not sure where I am putting them but plan on filling them with flowers for sure, I got a great deal on them and think they will look great here and maybe at our entrance way of our new home. You know the one we don't have in Ontario yet but dream of having when we leave Kamloops lol

I started collecting bulldog statues because of our sweet little Maggie, and while collecting I come across other cute doggie statues that I could not resist. I now have a small collection of vintage dog statues. I found these gold poodles at the flea market on Sunday, I paid 3 dollars for them. The dogs are stamped Japan which means pre 1950, anything after 1950 will say Made in Japan.

Maggie and I have been outside everyday enjoying the beautiful spring weather, the yard is almost finished and after a few weeks of flea markets I plan on getting back to painting and my projects. My first project is going to be my chairs that have been sitting in the garage waiting for me to turn them into something beautiful. I have 3 chairs and could not find a forth one to match so I am looking for one that is close in design and once I paint them and recover them hopefully they will look like a set.

Here is a peak at what the chairs look like now..........

Until next time, hope everyone has a great week, happy picking, flea market shopping and bargain hunting


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