Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hoosier finally made it out of the garage

I now have my hoosier cabinet in the kitchen, I felt like a kid at christmas when we carried it in. I could not wait to arrange all my baking supplies in the cupboards and display all of my kitchen treasures along the top. Its like having 6 more cupboards in the kitchen and now I feel so organized I just might have to bake something lol.
I am slowly getting the garage organized but instead of getting some pieces out i actually added some more stuff. I know I know bad bad Tobey. I saw a couple of chairs I could not resist and if I take the chairs from the dining room to paint as I had planned to do, we have to have something to sit on don't we. So the new chairs were needed,( hey its my story.) And the butcher block table I picked up for ten dollars was a steal and I would have been crazy to leave it behind. Just need to paint it or spruce it up a bit and then i can put it in the kitchen too. I know i just added on another project to the growing list of projects, but I will get to it.
Went to check out a small antique fair today and i was quite proud of myself, i saw lots of stuff i wanted but only came home with a few cans to add to my collection and an antique spitoon that i had to have. Don't ask my why I thought it was unique and had to have it.
This week I am getting back to work on the green dresser and the vanity, have shopped for paint and hardware and have everything i need to finish them. I also found some great pieces of wood to make my antique sign just need to make up some stencils. I met a lady today that runs her antique business out of her barn, and I thought what a great idea for my consigment store. If I operate it out of where I live I can save on paying rent for a store, and I can work at home and run the store. Just need to advertise and make sure i am not too far off the beaten track.  Can't wait to work on having my own store, but for now i will just dream about that and work on finding just the right home and shop. And get back to work on my stuff in the garage.

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