Sunday, October 16, 2011

Did Somebody say Antique Auction

On a drive the other day out of town hubby and I spotted an antique auction sign and decided to check it out. Well I think I have found a new addiction for sure. 3 hours later we were on our way home with the car packed as full as we could get it. This particular auction was not only antiques but they were also clearing out items from a local museum. Most of these items from the museum were being sold as grab bag boxes, they would show you a few items you would bid and you would get 3 boxes full of surprise items plus the items that you bid on. We got some great deals and when we got home we got to search threw the boxes for hidden treasures, it felt like Christmas. As a picker I think I could really increase my sales by attending more of these auctions and then reselling the items. I am going to rent a table at the local flea market for a few weekends and see how that goes.Now mind you some stuff we didn't even know what it was, but most of it is probably marketable. I will probably keep some stuff but most of it will be resold for a profit. We bid on a few things that we wanted for our own house and these items we got for an incredible price. I LOVE AUCTIONS LOL But I can see how you could get carried away quite easily at these things. We did not buy any large furniture pieces which was hard for me to pass up on, but we just have no room in our house. I am going to try to move some things around and definetly go back to this auction and buy furniture.
We did pick up an antique wall phone that I absouletly love and have always wanted. Hubby bought a couple of small radios that are very cool looking and work great and a bango that he got for 20 dollars lol. One of the boxes had about 20 old books in it and some of the books were signed by their original owner in 1942 while she was in grade 6, which I think is pretty cool. You will never find me shopping in a brick or an Ikea, i love the old stuff and things that are unique and have a history. Another item I bought was an antique bubble gum machine on a wrought iron stand, the glass globe has been replaced with plastic but i am hoping i can find a glass globe to make it all original. check out the pictures to see the bargains we picked up, even hubby had fun, thats a first, Brian hates shopping but the auction was fun, its impossible not to get caught up in it.

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