Friday, October 7, 2011

What do I collect?

Last weekend I went to an antique fair and at one of the booths a lady asked me what I collect. I thought about it a sec and realized I really do not collect one thing, I collect many. Not sure how I came about collecting so many things. I guess it starts out by seeing one item and I like it so I bought it, then I came across it again and thought how nice to have two. Then it becomes an addiction I guess everytime you see one you have to have it lol. I wonder when I crossed over from wanting to surround myself with things that make me happy to having so much of an item that I could fill this ladies booth with my collections. I guess I tell myself that one day I will have a store of my own and these collections with come in handy as product. But would I sell my collection that I have spent so much time collecting and have on display in my home. Will I become one of those people that is concerned more with making a buck then hanging on to what makes me happy. I have sold some things that I really like and it has me sad, one item I actually bought back when the woman advertised it on kijiji. It was a dresser that I destressed and spent alot of time on and regretted selling it, one day I am searching the internet and there it is, she stated she just could not find room for it, so I bought it back for half of what I sold it to her for. so I made a profit and got it back.
I suppose there will come a time when I will feel the need to downsize and sell some of my collections. But for now I will enjoy them and probably still add to them from time to time. And I will probably start new collections when I see items that interest me. I was once in a antique store where the lady had a lot of stuff for sale and among it she had her own items on display with stickers that said mine,meaning not for sale. i could maybe do that in my store that i hope to have someday, or maybe I will tire of them and sell them, who knows, our tastes change our wants change. Until then here they sit all strategically placed and on display for all to enjoy, me especially.

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