Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall is here

I love the fall colours but thats about all I love about fall. The cold weather is here and garage sales are a thing of the past, nobody wants to freeze their butts off having a yard sale. So this means that my bargain hunting is limited to second hand shops and stuff online and the odd auction.
Fall does bring the odd craft fair which does bring some items, but most items are sold at wholesale prices and there is no room in there for me to make any money. I am going to try to set up a small area in the basement to work on a few projects over the winter, the odd sunny day I might be able to work on a few items outside. The garage is full and hubby is storing his motorcycle there for the winter so there is no room to work in there, plus the fact that the garage is not heated and its friggin freezing in there. I long for the day that I we have our own place with access to the garage from the house and a  huge heated garage where I am free to do anything I want anytime I want.
It will be so nice to have our own home to decorate as we please and have the space that we so desparetly need, this house is so small. But for now until the contract is over this home and we will make do with what we have,
I have been checking out some blogs that I discovered by reading a magazine called Romantic Homes. I have fallen in love with a few of the blogs, sites and stores that I have found through this magazine. And I have fallen in love with the look of Vintage Shabby Chic Cottage look, that mixed in with a little bit of industrial look and that will be my new house. check out  and , there are just too many too list but these are 3 of my favorites so far.
Looking at these sites make me realize that if i want to own a business like this it is going to take alot of work alot of stock and lots of cash. I may have to start small and just let my business grow.
I picked up a few cute items the other day and will try to work on them over the winter, weather and space permitting.

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