Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Well with the cold weather comes the colds and flu and it is has had me down for about a week. Having a cold sucks to begin with but when your sick for your birthday it sucks even more. I turned 55 on November 4, I am now as old as dirt. The fact that I can now order off the senior side of the menu at Denny's is not consolation. My father said that the fact that he now has 3 children who have senior status does not make him feel any younger either lol

One good thing that did happen this week is that when I was in Langley to buy paint, I got to meet Kristy from http://4theloveofwood.blogspot.ca  Kristy has been my mentor for a while now, so I was thrilled to meet her. I would have loved to spend more time with her and see her workshop and talk about projects, but alas I had my hubby with me. I have to say I was very excited to meet Kristy and was somewhat nervous, I know its silly, but its like you would feel meeting someone famous.
I can now cross that off my bucket list, now I just have too meet Suzy for http://suzyq-vintagous.blogspot.ca  and http://missmustardseed.blogspot.ca  and many many more talented people.

In her own suttle way Kristy did shame me about some of my picture taking. Just because I work in the garage does not mean I should take all of my pics for my blog in the garage. So I am going to try harder to post more professional like photos, worthy of my mentors approval.

I do have a very small house and hubby is not around 90 % of the time to help me haul stuff into the house for a pic. But I will try my best to take better after pics of completed projects.

So to recap , here are a few pics of my most recent projects that are now for sale at Iron Orchid Designs , you can find them on facebook. Or if you are in Kamloops, they are located downtown on Seymour street, just before Value Village.

My pretty in pink mirror
I had tried spray painting this mirror but did not like way the spray paint dried
So this is hand painted in a very light pink
This beautiful in blue mirror is Anne Sloan Provenance
See this is the danger of taking pics inside
They look so good where they are I tend to want to keep them
but I did take this to Iron Orchid Designs to sell
And here is a peek at a few things I managed to pick up while in Langley
despite the fact that hubby was with me
Two very cute frames, courtesy of The Passionate Home and Kristy
And this beautiful angel carving that I found at an antique store
it feels like driftwood, the piece is light as a feather
and I love it
doesn't it look like it's off the bow of an old ship
And I also found this cute little corner shelf , that someone had started to paint
it is in the garage waiting for a makeover and for me to get better
I hope these pictures are an improvement from prior pics
I will try to take better pics of my completed projects
After all what good is a mentor if you don't listen to her lol
happy picking, happy painting
hope the cold and flu bug does not get you
Miss Maggie
Cold weather is here she says bundle up


  1. Hi Tobey - came by because for some reason you've become a no reply blogger!!!
    Here's the link ( it's free ) to where I go to work on my photos ( including watermarking them with my name ) http://www.picmonkey.com/
    It's all pretty self explanatory!
    Suzan ( hope you're feeling better soon )

    1. Thanks Suz, I think I fixed the no reply blogger problem, can you try it again and let me know. thank you so much Tobey

    2. you have to send me another email for me to see that lol