Sunday, November 11, 2012

Warning some of these pics are not blog worthy and may disturb others

What can I say, I do not have a heated garage
It is -2 outside
So I can not work outside or in the garage
I do not have a place to work in the house, house is too small
I am somewhat of a hoarder, OK I am a hoarder
So the spare room and basement are full of junk
And because we are renting I have to be careful not to get paint on stuff
(If we weren't renting I would so turn the dining room into my paint room lol )

So where do I complete the projects that sit half finished in the freezing garage ?

Well I guess the answer is anywhere I can !!!

Here is a mirror turned chalkboard
It is getting painted on top of the dryer lol
I am trying the magnetic paint on this one
Have never used it will let you know if it does work
I own the washer and dryer so if paint drips that's OK
Here is the frame for the magnetic chalkboard
This was brightened up with a coat of Annie Sloan bright white
I have actually been painting some items in the bathtub
That is where I am doing my distressing and sanding too
(I know I said disturbing, maybe I meant I am disturbed )
This mirror frame was also painted in ASCP bright white
It was painted on the washer
This long mirror was also painted in bright white
I had it set up on bins in the basement
Here is the frame for the long mirror
I painted it on top of cardboard and two rugs in the spare room
I am a messy painter, so the two rugs, were just in case
The small mirror in the background was also painted pure white
All of these items are for sale and I think painting them white
makes it easier for them to match any colour scheme
I have had to be resourceful this last week
But I was lucky most of these projects were small items
I still have a dresser, desk and vanity in the garage
not sure how I am going to paint those in the house
but I will have to figure something out
I am showing this before pic for two reasons
First off the mirror was a bleached wood and I wanted it white
This mirror back could not be removed
So I taped off the mirror and painted
What I did not know is that Annie Sloan Chalk paint washes off mirrors
The tape caused more of a mess than the paint did
No more taping mirrors for me
Wish I had of known this little tid bit before
Thanks for sharing that info with me Kristy
here is the oval mirror painted in ASCP pure white
I thought I had a better before picture of the gold mirror
but this is all I can find, so this will have to do, sorry 
(the frame on the left will be a future project)
And this mirror is also painted in pure white
and the frame is slightly distressed
bringing out the gold frame underneath
Before pic of full length mirror
This stand up mirror looks gorgeous now painted in white and distressed
Before Pic
After pic
And guess what the magnetic paint does work (who knew)
It took 3 coats of the magnetic paint but then it is ready
to use with magnets and chalk paint
Colour Outside The Lines
Has always been my philosophy
Working in the house and trying to find room to do everything is definitely
more challenging and a lot more work
But during the winter months I don't have much of a choice
Wish list for new home
Large heated garage or workshop
hope everyone is having a good weekend
and keeping warm

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