Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My husband has no clue what I do

Today I realized that my husband really has no idea what goes on in the garage and with my projects. He works long hours and if he is not at work, he is sleeping or laying on the couch. He works 4 weeks straight without a day off and that is tough on your body. I understand that and I try to take all of that in to consideration when I ask for help in the garage.

Today he came out after work to help me lift a new 9 drawer dresser I had just bought. I am hoping to make it into a gorgeous entertainment centre.
I mentioned I had to wax a vanity before I took it to the store to sell. This is that conversation.

Hubby with no clue: Won't it be hard for them to write on it with chalk if you wax it
Tobey: Why would they be writing on a vanity?
Hubby with no clue: I thought that's why you paint everything with chalk paint
Tobey: You really have no clue what I do, do you?
Hubby with no clue: Yes I do
Tobey: Really tell me
Hubby with no clue: You paint stuff with chalkboard paint then you wax it
Tobey: So the dressers, vanities, dining room tables and chairs that I have painted is for everyone to use as chalkboard, have I got that right
Tobey: And everything is painted with chalkboard paint
Hubby with no clue: Well that's what I thought you bought the Anne Sloan paint for, why don't you just use regular paint then, if they don't write on it

I just stood there and looked at him, I realized that all of the conversations I have had with him over this last year about Anne Sloan had fallen on deaf ears. He had no idea why he drove with me 4 hours each month to buy paint, he did it because he had too. All the times I talked to him about waxing and distressing furniture he wasn't listening. He really had no idea what chalk paint was or why I used it. He seriously thought everything I painted and sold, was so people could draw on it with chalk
All he heard this last year was bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

When I read other blogs about husband and wives working together on projects it makes me jealous. I want that so bad, to work side by side on something together. But I know that will never happen, not in this life time.

The garage is my domain and he very rarely comes in there, actually I think it scares him to even look in there. He will help me if I ask him if something is too heavy or I can't get a screw out or something like that. But as soon as he is done I turn around and he is gone.

Some women lay in bed at night and dream of romantic sexy men. I dream of one that will come work in the garage with me. My hubby knows this, his answer is some guys are handy and some are handsome. Apparently he thinks he is the handsome type lol
I keep telling him I am going to trade him in for a handsome and handy man, but he doesn't believe
me. But a girl can dream........................

And here is a peak at what I am working on this week,

I picked up this cute little vanity the other day, it has a round mirror and cute matching stool
I have painted it in Paris grey and hope to have it all finished this week
finished pics to come
This is what hubby had to help me with, this thing is heavy
It is yellow and crackled, not so pretty
But I thought it had nice detail and that it would make a great entertainment centre
And I got a great deal on it because the thrift store thought it was ugly
My ugly duckling dresser is looking pretty divine now
I stripped the top of the dresser and the wood underneath is gorgeous
It's been a while since I had stripped anything, I have been painting everything lately
It was nice to work with stain again
Not so much fun to work with stripper again though yuk
I painted the bottom in Paris grey
Wait till you see it all done
Should be finished this piece this week as well
Will post pics of the vanity and the dresser/ entertainment centre this week
thanks for getting to this point
and for sticking through my venting about my hubby
I hope you have a handsome and handy hubby
happy picking and painting
Maggie turned 5 on November 17th
this is her when she was a puppy
My adorable lil girl
On her birthday she got to go to the pet store and pick a new toy
Then we hung out at the dog park
she had a good day
we got her a card with a cat meowing happy birthday
She loved it
Happy Birthday baby girl
you are loved so much


  1. Looks like you get a lot done while he is at work. Great job on your furniture re-dos.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Connie :)

  2. Thanks Connie, yes with no little ones at home and family so far away I do try to keep busy. I live in Canada and we had Thanksgiving last month, but I should be wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. thanks for visiting my blog hugs Tobey