Friday, February 3, 2012

Save the world, buy vintage

I saw the sign "Save the world buy vintage" on another blog and I just had to steal it. The words were inscribed on a chalkboard and I have made the picture my screen save, just love it. In this last month my laptop died and I thought I had lost all of my pictures of projects and finds. After searching through the external hard drive I was relieved to find I had backed up all of my pictures. I was totally lost without my laptop and could not wait to get another one. Now that I have the new one, now comes the fun part of figuring out how it works, lots of fun.
As I said in my last post I decided to hold off on any more furniture purchases for the home until we move back to Ontario, the house is full of unique finds. Saying that is easier than sticking to it, I saw a unique desk with bookcases, drawers and gorgeous carvings and I had to have it. The drawer pulls are wood carved to look like roses. I found it on kijiji and I had no intention of buying it because the picture on facebook did not do it justice. I went to the ladies home to buy other smaller items and thats when I saw the desk and it is gorgeous. It was very over priced and I did walk away from it, the lady emailed me a few weeks later and told me she had dropped her price. I got it for a great price and could make a great profit on it but now I am emotionally attached to it and will have to keep it for now.I tried to research the company that made this peice but could not find much on them. I dated the piece to be between 1920 to 1940 and it was made in London, but thats all I could find out. I am using the book cases to hold knick knacks for now and had to put it in the sunroom because this house is so small there is no room for anything. I also have my vanity in the sun room for the same reason, the bedroom on the main floor is so small all we can fit in it is the bed and nightstands.
As far as my projects go I have been trying to make room in the basement to work on them, until the weather gets nice enough to work in the garage or outside. I have a small antique stool to be reupolstered and two signs to paint, two small tables that need to be destressed, a corner shelving unit that needs to be painted, and pieces of mirrors that need to be cut down for frames. After that there is a kids table that needs chalkboard paint and regular paint, a butcher block table that needs paint and lower shelf and wheels and .....................I think I need to be cloned or hire an assistant lol

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