Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mirrors Mirrors Mirrors

I have started to look for mirrors and unique picture frames for my new chalkboard projects. I came across a few mirrors that a friend had that are too big and too nice to make into a chalkboard, but I could not resist them and plan to hang then in my home. It's so nice to start out looking for something unique for a current project and find such a good deal on some fabulous mirrors. She did have a few mirrors that will be perfect chalkboards, now I have to figure out what colour to paint the frame.

 I also scored some incredible lamps for the bedroom, which I found online when I was looking for mirrors. These lamps are my valentines present from me to me.

They look incredible in bedroom, the base is very clean white which makes the shades , which are off white look dirty, so I will have to either change them, or paint them. I saw this painting of a lamp shade on another site and I did not know you could paint lamp shades. So I am curious how that works and how it will look after, and I think these shades are the perfect time to try it, and if I wreck them I guess I buy new shades.

Back to the chalkboard frames, I have small frames that will make great small chalkboards, and the larger ones I will make into chalkboard and fabric pin up boards. I am hoping to design them to be able to be hung either length ways or vertical, depending on how much space people have. I have read online ways to make my own chalkboard paint which I may try.

The first two mirrors are the ones I bought from a friend at a great price. The last two mirrors are gorgeous as well, I found one at a thrift store and the last one I found for sale online.  I will probably paint the frames on the first 3 mirrors and resell them, the last mirror is gorgeous as is and I will most likely leave it. But you never know I may look at it for a while and decide it needs to be painted as well.

These last few pictures are the mirrors that I will be making into chalkboards. I also came across a mirror, shelf and candle holders that are very similar to the ones in my bedroom pic. I plan on painting them and will most likely sell them online or bring them back to ontario to sell.

My mirror looks great in white, but I would like to try a different colour on this set. I guess I could go a little wild with the colour since I am selling it, Pink Turquoise ?

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  1. Turqouise:) Looks good with many different colors!But how to decide when there are so many choices!
    Thanks for sharing all your amazing insights and finds Tobey. I am in love with many of your finds but have a soft spot for your piano stool! Always have wanted one myself.
    I look forward to your blog and seeing what other amazing things are to become of your treasures you find!

    Kind Reguards, Bobby-Jo