Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shopping for bargains is my idea of fun

I have fun hunting for bargains, I have a few regular stores that I check on a daily basis, and I am always on the hunt for new ones. I love the hunt for the bargain and I love the rush when I find it. I have a strict budget right now and I have been holding off on large purchases because we plan to move back to Ontario soon. And saying that i have had to walk away from some incredible finds in this last month. But today I found an upholstered rocking chair that i had to buy, I paid 30 dollars for it. When you look at the picture you will see why I could not resist it, especially at that price. It will be an great match for the settee I bought in the summer and have plans on working on it more in Ontario. The settee needs to be stripped down to the bare bones and painted and reupholstered and i just don't have the room to do it here.I started to strip it down and it has layers and layers of fabric and a million nails, each time they reupholstered they used more nails. I don't know if I want to strip down the wood or paint it. Until we get into our house and I know where it is going to go and what colour scheme the room will be, I have to hold off on refinishing it. I think these two pieces would look great together, I will have to hunt for an amazing fabric to cover these two items. But I think when they are done they will look fantastic and i hope i will have the perfect place for them in our new home.

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