Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feels like spring here in BC

Today I was out raking the lawn and playing with Maggie and it sure felt like spring. The birds were chirping and our two little squirrels that live here all year long were chasing each other from tree to tree. I saw a eagle yesterday land in the tree by the river and was able to snap a picture but only got the shadow of its form, today a beautiful bald headed eagle flew by followed by a group of geese. I am surely going to miss all of this when we move back to Ontario. I know Ontario still has snow and cold temperatures and that part I do not miss, but family and friends I miss very much.
If the warm temperatures continue I will have to get hubby to pull his Harley out of the garage. That shouldn't be too hard because he has seen a few bikes on the road and I know he is eager to get riding again.
Once the bike is out I can start cleaning out the garage and working on some long over due projects. I have also been collecting some unique frames the last few months and am eager to start my chalkboard peg board projects. I am hoping to have quite a few things done by the time the outdoor flea markets start up again in May. I can not wait to have my own little area to display my wares and sell them at home all year round. I can not wait to be able to work in a heated garage and be able to work on things in an area where I don't have to pack away everything when I finish with it. A garage where I can make a mess and not have to worry about it. Today I day dreamed of a large barn with chandeliers hanging from the ceilings and display areas that consist of bedrooms, diningrooms and livingrooms with all of my projects displayed for sale. Cabinets with knick knacks and salvaged vintage items, wrought iron, wood, painted furniture and collections all displayed. I see the image in my mind and can't wait to put it all into place. It is going to be alot of work but that is the kind of work I love and long for, until then I will keep painting and creating and selling and working towards my dream.
I am including a pic from another site( Nada Farms, Anne Marie is so talented) that some what captures the look I am dreaming of creating, I envy her because she already has this incredible location. Someday, hopefully someday soon................

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