Friday, February 4, 2011

Finding interesting unique things that others have passed up or missed is so exciting

Although my plan for my home is to decorate it with a country look, with a combination of antiques and unique finds that fit the same look. Sometimes I find things and they are so unique and at such a great price I have to bring them home. Yes shopping in the second hand stores is an addiction, on the days that I am not there I almost feel a loss for the bargains I am missing out on. Today I came home with another mirror, I probably have more mirrors than most people, but it was a bevelled mirror in a gorgeous frame for $10.00, who could resist.
Because my hubby goes along with all of impulse purchases and projects all over the house and garage I also look for things he might like. Today I found a decanter and 4 glasses still in its original box, it was on the bottom shelf and kind of out of sight. When I lifted the box up I realized that it was quite heavy which made me curious to look at if more closely. The box was nothing fancy but after close examination I discovered that this decanter set was originally sold on Fifth Avenue in New York and that the decanter was made in Poland and is lead crystal. I bought it for hubby who likes to have a scotch once in a while and he loves it. What he also loves about it is, that I searched on the internet and found that this decanter and glass set is worth $350.00 dollars or more, and I bought it for $5.00.  I am not sure how it came to be in the second hand store, but obviously everyone thought it wasn't worth anything, which is lucky for us. I am still searching for that one unique find, a Picaso maybe or that item that will help hubby be able to retire and the funding for my store of can dream you know.
I leave so many things behind because I do not have the room for them. I wish I had a store where I could sell some of these items or bring things home and restore them and sell them. I may start some small projects and sell them online for now and maybe down the road open up a shop.
In the meantime I am eagerly waiting for the warmer weather so I can take some of my projects outside and start stripping them. I have so many projects on the go right now, but I like it that way, if I get frustrated I can walk away, go work on something else and then go back to it.
Speaking of which time to get back to work.

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