Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love finding unique stores

On a drive in the country on the weekend we happened across an old Ma and Pa store that sells a little bit of everything. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I walked into the store. But because I had hubby with me I could not explore as much as I wanted too, his time frame for shopping is about 10 minutes then he is running for the door. I can usually send him out for a smoke and that gives me another 10 minutes of exploring but then he is back in the door giving me that lets go look. I am definetly coming back to this store without him soon and doing much more exploring. I did manage to haul away a few items with just a little bit of eye rolling on his part, I wish he would share my passion for junk, but he likes things that are clean and painted or stained and can not see beyond that. I look at pieces of junk and see many uses and what they can be with a little bit of love and some ingenuity. I bought some deer antlers, now let me stress I am not a fan of hunting at all, but I did not kill this deer and I like the look of the antlers and I believe that the deer that belonged to these antlers lead a long and fulfilling life and died of old age. (thats my story and I am sticking to it)
I saw a few more items that I will have to go back and get without hubby, he probably curses the fact that we own a truck lol. But he should feel happy about the fact that I leave alot of items behind because I know whatever I buy has to be hauled back to Ontario eventually or sold before we go back. so on that note I do leave alot of treasures I would love to have behind.
On this trip we stopped a cute little diner and the waitress mentioned that there is a lady in the area that sells all kinds of skulls and antlers and she makes gorgeous chandeliers out of them, so a trip to see her is definetly warranted.
I want my antlers to look unique so I am going to try the gold leafing on the skull part and might look for an interesting frame to mount the antlers. This way they will resemble art and not a dead animal on my wall, hey I said it was my story remember.

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