Sunday, February 6, 2011

If you buy mason jars just to display them cuz you love mason jars read my blog

I love buying mason jars especially if they are a tinted colour and unique. I don't plan on using them, well maybe someday who knows. I display them and rearrange them from time to time and when I find new ones I get excited and add them to my little mason jar family. Yesterday I saw a picture in a magazine of a mason jar hand soap with a pump. The next day I searched the second hand store for a cheap soap pump with a metal pump, came home and made my own. Now I have a mason jar in my bathroom, and now that I have seen how easy that was to do, I have lots of ideas now for mason jars, mason jar pendant lights, mason jar chandeliers, mason jar lamps.
Well now the hunt begins for more mason jars, I'm going too need more shelves.

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