Monday, January 17, 2011

You won't find me walking around a mall or clothes shopping

Where you will find me is rummaging through stuff at the Salvation army or  a second hand store or browsing kijiji when I am at home. My basement is full of projects on the go, I always have a few on the go. Currently I am repainting a unique box I bought for $2.00 not sure what its use will be yet, but i know I will find a place for it. I found another mirror and shelf that I am going to paint and maybe give it to a family member because I love the way mine turned out. I couldn't walk away from it, the store sold it to me for $2.00, where can you get a mirror and shelf for that price, some people pay more for their coffee.
I also had a great score today, last summer I bought two brass lamps with beige shades that had patterns on them that matched some chairs i had recovered, and today I found a lamp with the same pattern on a different style shade but also a brass lamp. I was so happy to be find the lamp and the price on it was $4.00, a brass antique lamp for 4 bucks. It looks gorgeous in my living room and I can't believe I got it for $4.00.
Today I spent the morning with my dog and doing housework, spent my afternoon touring second hand stores, spent a total of $10.00 and came home with a mirror, shelf, lamp, an old lantern and a hand carved duck. Now tonight I sit here admiring my finds, wondering what I will find tomorrow.

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