Saturday, January 15, 2011

My many projects

The Harvest table is finished and soon the hutch will be as well, I will post pictures of my $100.00 diningroom as soon as I can talk my hubbie into carrying the hutch in from the garage.
I found a roll top desk online for $100.00 and it looks great with the piano stool.
Some of my finds require updating or cleaning up and others are perfect just the way they are. Currently I am just storing some of the stuff as we are renting temporarily while my husband works on contract. When we return to Ontario from British Columbia I hope to find the perfect house to give all of my things a permanent home. I hope this blog inspires others to rescue and restore things that others think are junk. when I look around my house everything has a story and an emotional attachment. I love looking at some of these items and seeing the finished project in my head and then making it happen with paint or stain and some hard work and time.

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