Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Armoire Project

This week I took on a project that took a lot more time than I had planned on. I am into day 5 of this project and I probably have another whole day before it will be completed to my satisfaction.

It started with me seeing this old armoire in a thrift store and thinking it had a nice look but not a nice price tag. I had a few projects on the go so I passed it up because of the price and the size.

I am in that thrift store usually a few times a week because they do get some great pieces. So after looking at it for a few weeks, I made them an offer, mentioning that it had been there for a few weeks. I didn't expect them to take my offer because they are usually firm on their prices, but they did and it was now mine.
Now to explain to my hubby why I was bought this monstrosity of an armoire that I have no room for in the garage. I think my hubby is used to these surprises by now so he didn't raise too much of a fuss when I came home to get the truck. The guys at the thrift store helped me load it up and when I got home hubby just looked at the truck and shook his head. (poor boy, the things I do to him)

Look at this beauty, would you have not brought it home too
I usually try to buy solid wood pieces but I loved the look of this piece
And look at all of that storage
Tell me one woman you know who doesn't need more storage
My thoughts were to paint it and cover the back with fake tin to add to its character
I thought about maybe painting it two colours to bring out the details even more
You all know how much I love my Anne Sloan paint
But Anne Sloan paint is expensive so I decided to use it just on the front of the drawers and doors
Thank God I decided to do it that way
This sucker took 3 coats of paint and 1 coat of primer
And I had to use 3 coats of Anne Sloan on doors and drawers
Remember my idea of using fake tin tiles for the back of the armoire
well I priced them and it would have cost me $60.00 in tiles
So I put brakes on to that idea
I had no idea they were that expensive
And these were the fake tin, I didn't even dare to ask how much the tin ones were
So to plan B
I bought a new press board back for the armoire to wallpaper and paint
that only cost me $8.00 much better than $60.00 dollars for fake tin tile
Now your probably wondering why I didn't just pop off the back and use what I had
Well I am not the most patient person when it comes to that kind of stuff
And I figured I would just get frustrated and tear it off in pieces
then I would have to buy a new one anyways
I wall papered the back with paint able patterned wallpaper
And then I sprayed and rolled on Metallic Antique Spray Paint
Hubby took the back off in one piece
( he has more patience, he does live with me, I think he has to have patience to survive that )
I might give the buyer the extra back and then if they tire of this look
they can just put the painted white back piece on
Is that weird offering them that choice lol
Here is the back painted in white
I liked it but I wanted a different look

Here is a pic of the wallpaper painted with metallic bronze paint
Here is the wallpaper painted and the press board nailed to the back of the airmoire
this pic does not do the metallic painted wallpaper justice
it really does look like tin tile
I stood back and looked at it after we finished
And I said to my husband do you think the white looks better
Well , you can imagine the look I got
Mental note to self
Keep those thoughts to yourself especially when hubby has a hammer in his hand lol
Doesn't the Armoire look amazing in white
I thought about painting the in lays a different colour
But at some point I have to say OK I have spent enough time on this project
And seeing how I was into day 5 of painting this armoire, 
This is all the painting I am going to do
Now I know this is not a very pretty staged pic
But I am not hauling this sucker into the house
I am still going to distress the front of the drawers and the fancy carvings in the top two corners
But I woke up with the flu this morning and that is going to have to wait for now
 I also missed out on a Valentines Craft Fair I wanted to go to today too
I hate when the flu screws up my plans
But the armoire is 99.95 done and after 5days of working on it that makes me happy
Hope everyone is having a great weekend
And that you are feeling better than I do right now
But hubby is pampering me, so that I can handle
 And my sidekick Maggie
You feeling better yet Mom, can you play with me now
Who could say no to that face :)


  1. Wow Tobey - I think it's gorgeous - and I love that the back board is a different color!!!
    Wouldn't you love to keep that piece?

  2. Thanks Suz, If it doesn't sell I may be keeping it lol . I had thought of keeping it, it would be great to store jeans and clothes, or to even disguise a TV in the bedroom. But hubby would kill me if I said we are going to add this to all the furniture we are taking back to Ontario. We are going to need a transport as it is, hehe, my fault of course.
    thanks for the comment Suz, I can always count on you,hugs Tobey

  3. Perfect unit to store paints - supplies - etc!!!
    Hooks on the inside of the doors to hang brushes -
    Keep it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Its much too pretty for paint supplies, and way too big and heavy for me to keep when we move in a few months. Hoping it finds its way to its new home soon. hugs Tobey