Thursday, January 12, 2012

Selling my wares

I am always looking for ways to sell my wares, be it either online, flea markets, or local stores. I was lucky to find a store that rents out space very cheap. I enjoy setting up at flea markets in the summer and meeting people and selling my stuff, but in the winter the crowds die off at this flea market and my time is too valuable to sit and not sell anything. I continue to sell a lot of my large items online but now I also have an area where I can sell my small items. For 30 dollars a month I have a space in a very popular thrift store that gets lots of traffic. I hope when we move back to Ontario to have my own space to sell my stuff, but in the meantime this works for me. I have also decided to set up an account on ebay to sell my finds, ebay is like opening up a store and 19 million people showing up to shop there, you can not get better traffic than that. It may take sometime to get it set up, but I will update on my progress.
In the meantime I have found some amazing sites and blogs of people that are lucky enough to already be doing what i hope to do when we move back to Ontario. I found a blog of a woman who has yearly sales at her farm and sets up in her barn and has vendors set up their tents on her property. Her yearly barnsales are a big hit for her to sell her products and a big hit for her vendors as well. This woman has 6 kids and she manages to do all of this, farm, sew, take care of her family and run a successful business. If she can do all that with everything else she has to do, I can surely do it with just a man child and dog child to care for. I long for the day that I can do this, I may not have a barn to set up in, would be nice, but at this point I would settle for a large tent. She decorates her barn for these sales with unique lighting and food and drinks for her customers and displays all of her products like they were rooms in a home. This blog has inspired me and give me a lot of great ideas, I can not wait to put them into action. Here is the name of her site for you too check it out
I have been researching alot of the china that I have accumulated to be able to price it either for sale or for me to keep and know its history or worth. It has been really time consuming, one day I spent the whole day in my jammies looking at china patterns and markings. I have found most of the items online, some patterns I could not find. A few of the china pieces i inherited from our purchases at the antique auction and some I bought a local thrift stores. The older pieces i have chosen to keep and have marked them so my children will know their value and to keep them in the family and pass them down. If my treasured items end up in thrift stores or my children sell them, i have threatened to come back and haunt them forever. I hope this has put fear in them and they will keep my treasures and value them as much as I do.
I love objects that are scrapped and beaten and chipped, these things take me back in time and I never tire of looking at them. I wonder about their history and the life they had before I was lucky enough to find them.

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