Sunday, December 18, 2011

8 more sleeps

Well all the shopping is done and the house is decorated and now I can sit back and relax and enjoy christmas. I am sad that we will be away from family for another year but we are trying to make the most of it. All of our packages have been mailed and we hope the kids and grandkids enjoy the gifts. I have still been scouring thrift shops for more holiday decorations and as always watching for any other bargains they might have.
I found a few more cute holiday decorations and some great deals. I picked up a set of everyday corning wear dishes with a cute flower pattern on them, 10 dinner plates, bread and 10 butter plates and 10 bowls for $4.00. I also scored a bunch of tools that will come in useful when we get our house. They are older tools but in great shape and sometimes older means better built. I picked up a vintage saw,with a gorgeous carved handle, rake, shovel, hoe, pick axe, pitch fork and vintage hand rake weeder. The tools were a few dollars each and will sure come in handy when we move to our own house. The handle of the saw is so pretty that I might just hang in on wall and maybe paint a scenery on it. I picked up a handmade log bench for 3 dollars and a picnic basket with dishes and silverware for 2 dollars. At one of the stores I found a cute pair of beside lamps without shade for 1.00 each, where can you get lamps for that price. I am always on the lookout for cute doilies and embroidered table cloths and embroidered doilies and this week I found some really beautiful ones to ad to my collection. I can't wait to get to Ontario and display my finds in our new house, and start organizing either a store or a regular flea market venue at my home. Until then I will keep collecting and restoring and recovering furniture and dream of our new home and being with family again.


  1. Did anyone noticed what was on the TV when I took this pic, if I am not picking myself I am watching shows of other people picking lol it truly is an addiction, but I love it. I love American Pickers and was not sure if I would enjoy Canadian Pickers but who could not like Scott, he is too funny. I think I should replace Sheldon though lol

  2. the portrait of Maggie was my first attempt at painting a portrait, I think it looks pretty good kind of folk artsy, but it does look like her I think.