Monday, December 26, 2011

Time to Relax

Well all the shopping the wrapping and the shipping off of presents is over, everyone has received their gifts and all were happy with my choices. I miss my family very much but even more over the holidays, I hope next year we can have a big family Christmas at my house. I suppose I am not the only one that is lounging around in my pyjamas today enjoying the rest after all the hustle and the bustle. I am not into boxing day crowds and the madness that occurs on boxing day shopping, i have been to a mall once in the last year. We have everything we need in the house as far as electronics and stuff, they only thing that gets me shopping is vintage and antique finds.
I decided that even though our family was far away i would do a little bit of baking for the two of us, and some cookies for two of our neighbours. I decided to make sugar cookies and since all of my baking supplies are now in my hoosier, I decided to use the porcelain pull out table top to roll them out on and to decorate them. As I was doing this I couldn't help but wonder how much baking has been done on this table top. The hoosier is 110 years old so I am sure it has seen its share of baking, I felt honoured to be among the women who had used this to conjure up yummy deserts. If only my hoosier could talk I would love to know its history and all that it has seen. I love having it as part of my kitchen and cannot believe how much I can store in it, it holds all of baking supplies and all of kitchen gadgets and utensils. I also found some vintage cookie cutters at different thrift stores and used those to help form my cookies into different shapes. You might think its silly that things like this bring me such happiness but I love knowing that the things I am using have a history and a story of their own.
My grandmother used to have a saying, everything in its place and a place for everything. Well I find a place for everything but i love to think of where it has been. My home is surrounded with unusual items, some might think, but items with a past life and now a new life with me. My style might not be able to be defined, but most of these items have a meaning and a story and they make me happy. should your home not make you happy, I don't fill my home with stuff just to fill it, i fill it with things that make me smile. On my microwave I have a set of cow salt and pepper shakers, they are smiling cows and they are cute and when I look at them and their funny little grins it makes me smile. In my bathroom I have beautiful handpainted alabaster containers and an alabaster perfume bottle on a shelf, they are pretty and unique and they make the room look glamourous. I could go on and tell you about items all over my house but you get the idea, my decorating choices are not out of catalogue, my home is filled with things that are old, unique and a little quirky, like me I guess. But it all works they all fit together like they were meant to be part of a big family and I am lucky to be a part of it. I like to look at my finds and think of their previous lives and I enjoy them and when I am at home I am really at home. your home should be a reflection of you and I believe I have accomplished that and that makes me happy.

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