Thursday, November 24, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas

With 32 days left until Christmas I thought it might help get me in the mood if i started decorating the house. All of our Christmas decorations are in storage in Ontario so I picked up a few last year and have been looking for more for this year. Most of the thrift stores have all of their decorations out so I have been scouring the stores for some good deals. I have been trying to stay with the white colour scheme of the living room and have been looking for vintage looking decorations. I found some great deals on candle holders and adorable white and beige santa's. The quilted stockings I found last year look great on the distressed dresser that I have the TV sitting on. I have not put the tree up yet because i like to have real trees and it is too soon for them. I have been on the look out for unique ornaments for the tree but have had no luck yet finding any. I have found some cute table ornaments and candle holders to make the room look more festive. I wish we were decorating our home in ontario because it would be a more enjoyable Christmas if we could spend it with family. But we are still in BC and trying to make the most of it, by decorating and shopping for loved ones. I am almost finished my Christmas shopping and will be shipping everything off to Ontario in the next couple of weeks.
I have been slowing down on my furniture purchasing because items are not reselling right now because everyone is focusing on christmas. So I will be working on the items i already have and will be posting them for sale after Christmas. I did pick up a vintage door push the other day, I have been eyeing them at antique sales, but they were always for sale for 200.00 or more, so when I saw one for sale on kijiji for 20 dollars I jumped on it. It is a little rusted but that just makes it more unique, the owner told me he bought it in Manitoba 35 years ago, i wonder where it originally from, if it was on a store door. If only some of these items could talk and tell me their history, it would be great to know their history. I will definetly be installing this on my screen door when we move back to Ontario, for now i will just keep it on the wall and admire it.

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