Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring is here

With the weather being so nice it is hard to stay inside or work on projects in the garage. I have been busy working on my garden and planting flowers in beds and pots. I have never grown herbs before and i decided to try my hand at that as well. i love using unusual items in my flower beds , like tractor seats to hold potted plants and a milk can to hold another, I also found a cool looking birdhouse school house that I have placed in the garden. I found an old metal tire rim and filled with soil and flowers, as well as an old metal wash tub. I hunted at the salvage yard and found 3 metal tubs from the inside of old washing machines and have painted them and filled them with soil and flowers as well. I like to make my own hanging plants because I refuse to pay the high prices that the garden centers charge. I have just bought an old porcelain double sink and i am looking for a spot to put it in the yard and fill it with flowers. My bird feeder and bird bath is a popular spot and I love watching the different birds that stop by for a drink and some food.. I have a little duck that has made a nest on the bank of the river, and I check on her daily to make sure she is ok. I am feeling very protective of my lil duck and can't wait to see her little babies, I counted about 5 eggs and i am hoping all of the babies survive. I have also noticed a pair of doves in the yard and my regulars, the canada geese and the woodpeckers. We also have a marmet that has made a home in one of the dead trees on the bank of the river and I am hoping that he does not harm the eggs or my garden, Maggie has not spotted him yet and i hope she doesn't because I think she would chase it. She leaves the birds alone and is fine with sharing the yard with them, but the squirrel she chases and i think she would try to play with the marmet.
This is also my favorite time of year because it is yard sale time and outside flea markets woohoo, I have picked up a few items, an oak swivel chair to go with my roll top desk and lots of items for the yard.
I have had a lot of action on some of the items i had for sale and am slowly making room in the garage and will be working on some new projects in the next couple of weeks.

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