Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gardens and Moms

 My latest adventures have been to find objects for outside to personalize our space and add some colour with flowers and plants.There are some really interesting old junk pieces that look incredible in the garden with a little of imagination and some good earth and flowers. Yesterday I found an old metal container that will look great by the front porch with some vine like flowers in it, and I had hubby roll an old metal tire rim into the flower bed which i will fill with dirt and flowers. This will fit in nicely with the milk can and tractor seats already there. I found a cute little wooden wagon that I have placed in a flower bed along the house, the former tenants had filled the flower beds with wood chips, which were just a haven for maple bugs. I have since cleared out all the wood chips and have replaced the soil with peat moss and manure and plan to plant impatients in different colours, the area gets quite a bit of shade and impatients should flourish there.
My lilac bushes are just starting to bloom and the beatiful smell coming from them reminds me so much of my Mom. My mother always had lilac bushes planted in the yard and she would cut branches off and place them in vases in the house bringing the lilac smell in doors. They say smell is the strongest sense to trigger memories and the lilac smell sure proves that. I guess it's only fitting that they should bloom now so close to mothers day when my Mom is so much on my mind. I believe my love of flowers and attractive gardens comes from my Mom who would spend hours outside watering and caring for her flowers, I remember her on her knees with scizzors trimming grass around the rocks that bordered her flowerbeds. Today when i filled the wheel well I recalled my Mom placing tires around our yard at the cottage and filling them with flowers and making them look great and I realized how much like her I am. Some daughters including mine would panic at the thought that they had become like there mothers, but today I am proud that I have inherited some of my mothers qualities and interests.  I happy that I have these memories and I hope somehow that my Mom can see all that she has given me and how incredible she was, I hope one day my daughters will also make this discovery and be thankful for the little things that have passed from Mother to daughter.
Happy Mothers Day Mom

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