Saturday, March 12, 2011

Still trying to restore my wooden love seat bench

Hundreds of nails and dust and dirt from the upholstery and not even half done stripping it down. I figured if the upholstery was that dirty the wood must be too, so I tried cleaning it up and guess what, my bench is not painted an antique beige as I had thought, it was just dirty lol . The paint is white and I can see a nice wood underneath but not sure if i want the work of stripping it all down after all the work involved in the upholstering. I have so many natural wood pieces sometimes its nice to have some painted pieces too so it is all not matchy matchy. i have been shopping for material but I am having a hard time finding just the right fabric and pattern to do this piece justice, my search continues.It's hard to pick a pattern and match a livingroom set that we don't have yet. When we return to ontario we will be buying a new set which I would like to be white slip covered country look, i have two reupholstered chairs in a beige fabric so I need a pop of colour so my living room is not too bland but not sure how bold i am willing to go. change is not easy, I have had the blue livingroom in the 80's and now i hate blue, I have had the green livingroom in the 90's and now i want white and a pop of colour. Having a white couch is something I may regret with a 5 grandchildren and a dog that likes to sleep on the couch, but slip covers come off and wash so I am willing to give it a try.
Pics of the ongoing love seat restoration are shown below in my before and after pictures.

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